3 Reasons Overnight Camps are More Important than Ever

As tournaments and showcases continue to take over each summer, many parents are having a hard time finding what used to be the unrivaled champion of June and July: the overnight camp. While the traditional overnight camp has lost its luster for some, we've remained steadfast in our belief that every kid deserves to experience all that overnight camps offer. This firm belief (in conjunction with hiring top coaches, developing cutting-edge curriculum, and utilizing awesome facilities) is the reason we continue to run 10+ overnight camps across the nation every summer. 
Here are 3 reasons why overnight camps are still important, and possibly, even more important than ever: 

1.) Training

We see it too often. Players elect to attend a showcase too early in their development or forgo camp to play on their local "club team". Instead of taking another summer to focus on getting better, they compete in front of college coaches before they're truly ready or attend 5 or 6 team practices where the focus is on implementing team offenses and defenses. With the later recruiting timeline, we hope the emphasis will return to what we've always believed in: training.
Whether they attend one of our intermediate-level overnight camps or one of our advanced Future Aces camps, players are getting position-specific training led by Trilogy National Directors and staff. Group strategies and team concepts are layered in to enhance players' lacrosse IQ as the players continue to develop throughout the week. Players are able to focus on the items THEY need to work on and take the time each day to address those elements of their game. All under the watchful eyes of experts who are happy to stay after hours.

2.) Coaches AND Role Models

Players are not only being coached by some of the greatest lacrosse players in the world, they're also learning life lessons off the field from accomplished role models. 
When a player attends our Future Aces South, an advanced overnight camp at the University of Georgia, they're learning the game from an MLL All Star, NLL Champion, 2X Cornell All-American and most importantly, a 2X Academic All-American. It goes without saying that being coached by Mitch Belisle is an awesome experience for players in terms of on-field development and lacrosse IQ enhancement. 
But who is Mitch OFF the field? He's a father, husband, and a leader at Trilogy Lacrosse. When getting to know Mitch, campers learn that he started out as an offensive midfielder in high school and made an unexpected switch to long pole defense his freshman year at Cornell. Having to step up and play a new position is something that many players can relate to. Campers realize its about putting the team first and about playing wherever the team needs you to be successful. They start to understand the importance of having a strong work ethic in lacrosse and other aspects of life. And Mitch is the norm when it comes to Trilogy Lacrosse National Directors that include Matt Striebel, Ryan Boyle, Bill McGlone, Brian Farrell and more!

3.) Lifelong Friendships

"Drew made some great friends last year at camp. The kids all keep in touch, and Drew had a game against some of the players he met at camp last summer. Those kids talked all during the game and for a half hour after the game. Drew and another player from Memphis are planning spring break together." These are the types of emails we receive time and again from parents.  
We recently heard another cool story during a phone call with a Philadelphia mom: In the New Year, her son is flying out to reconnect with his Los Angeles camp buddy and the two are going to head to the Rose Bowl together.  
Overnight camps get kids OUT of their comfort zones and OPEN to meeting people from all over the country. They spend a full week sharing meals, playing lacrosse and hanging out in the dorms. Sure, everyone starts out a bit timid, but after the first training session, something magical starts to happen: the nervousness disappears and friendships begin to form over lacrosse and late night pizza. 

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