Back to the Future (Aces): Zach Mercado

Back to the Future (Aces): Zach Mercado

Zach Mercado first joined Trilogy in 2016 at our Future Aces Texas just outside his hometown of Austin at Southwestern University. Led by Mitch Belisle, Adam Ghitelman and Tom Schreiber, it featured some of the top talent from the Lone Star state. Although he was one of the youngest and smallest players, Mercado’s energy and athleticism shined. After two years at the Future Aces East in Baltimore, Zach continued to grow and develop, eventually attending the ICE Program following his freshman year where he played up on the 2021 team. While he was still one of the youngest players, he was no longer smaller than his peers – his speed, strength and athleticism helped him develop into a 2-way threat, which combined with his academics opened many doors in the recruiting process. We checked in with Zach after his recent commitment to Syracuse University:

Mercado Aces

What was your favorite memory from the Future Aces?

My fondest memory of the Future Aces Texas was picking the mystery box and getting Mitch’s MLL game-used shaft, which had been hidden in a trash can. Meeting and getting “the stick” from someone I watched play on TV made a huge impression on me at a young age during that Aces Camp.”

What did you learn during your time at the Intensive Club Experience (ICE)?

“Since there were no more 2022 spots that year, I played with the 2021’s. I learned how to play against more physical players and was able to improve my mechanics. The caliber of coaches at ICE was unbelievable. How many people can say they have been coached by multiple former MLL All-Stars at the same event?

I was also able to visit a bunch of colleges and see what college lacrosse is like at all different levels, DI, DII and DIII. I was unsure about playing college lacrosse at first, but after talking to the players there, I decided that I really want to play at the college level. Through the entire process the coaches stressed the importance of finding the right fit and not just DI schools.

Lastly, I learned about the importance of giving back to the community. We had the opportunity to volunteer and work with the kids of Harlem Lacrosse Baltimore and it was so rewarding (check out a video HERE).

What are you most looking forward to at Syracuse?

“I am looking forward to improving my game while working with the incredible coaching staff at Syracuse University and playing with some of the best players in the country. Of course also the chance to reclaim the National Championship!”

Zach Mercado Syracuse Lacrosse

Good luck Zach, we will be cheering you on this Spring and once you head to the storied Dome of Syracuse University.