Trilogy ICE Alumni: 2019 Fall Check-In

October 24, 2018 |

Warrington Webb (NYU)

Last week Trilogy Lacrosse welcomed a new (but also very familiar face) to its office. After 3 summers of playing for Ryan Boyle and Mitch Belisle at the Intensive Club Experience (ICE), NYU Freshman Warrington Webb is now learning from them off the field and in the office. With Trilogy's Jersey City, NJ Headquarters being just a quick PATH train ride away from NYU's Campus, Warrington joins the Trilogy Team for his fall internship. On his very first day, Nick Marrocco sat down with Warrington to discuss his experience at ICE, the deciding factors that led him to NYU and his first impressions of college life. Click the play button above to watch the interview and scroll below to hear from a couple of other former ICE standouts who are now playing college lacrosse. 

Andrew Boniface (Hartford) and Jack Seals (Stevenson)

We also checked in with Trilogy ICE alumni Andrew Boniface (Hartford) and Jack Seals (Stevenson) who are both freshmen and playing lacrosse at their respective schools.

1. What has your experience been like coming in as a freshman and how has the transition been?

Andrew Boniface (AB): My experience has been awesome so far. The upperclassmen have welcomed us with open arms which helped make the transition easier. The balance of lacrosse and school is definitely challenging but my high school and Trilogy have prepared me for these challenges. Practices are extremely fast and intense with lots of unsettled situations and running.

Jack Seals (JS): My experience has been amazing since coming to Stevenson. I love the dynamic of a small school. The transition has been great so far, I fit right in with the team. The only difficulty was getting used to a longer practice time.

2. What’s one thing you didn’t expect about college life so far?

AB: I did not expect the constant grind every day and the intensity on and off the field. Also, I did not expect the amount of running we do per day.

JS: One thing I did not expect about college life is the amount of work you have to put forward to balance both school and lacrosse.

3. How did Trilogy help prepare you for college?

AB: Trilogy helped me with growing my lacrosse IQ and helped me improve immensely as a player with the constant feedback from the coaches. Off the field, I became a better person through their programs and learned how to present myself effectively. Also, ICE helped me to relate with people from across the country which has helped me with my adjustment to college socially. 

JS: Trilogy helped me prepare for college by showing me what life is like as a division 1 or 3 player, based off of that I was able to make my college decision. Trilogy also helped me through my development as a lacrosse player by having me compete with other players who were just as good or better than me.

4. If you had to give just one piece of advice for high school players preparing for college, what would it be?

AB: Work as hard as you possibly can.

JS: One piece of advice I would give to players preparing for college is to keep in shape over the summer, because the last thing you want to be is a freshman on the roster that is out of shape.

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