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I wasn’t the mentally strongest kid in the world, but certainly wasn’t the softest...however at the tender age of 7, my coach’s intense insistence that I scoop ground balls the proper way was enough to make me cry, run off the field, and never play the game of lacrosse again. However, in my life’s pursuit of weaving filmmaking and athletics together, I have found myself, after 20 years, very much back in the world of lacrosse - as the digital content creator at Trilogy Lacrosse.

NJ Diesel Tournament Takeaway

Bill McGlone took to theTrilogy Blog to discuss his thoughts and takeaways from his first tournament as NJ Diesel Club Coaching Director.


Trilogy ICE Alumni: 2019 Fall Check-In

We caught up with former Intensive Club Experience (ICE) alumni Warrington Webb (NYU), Andrew Boniface (Hartford), and Jack Seals (Stevenson). 

3 Reasons Box is Beneficial

The question, "why box?" gets asked by parents more frequently each year. More often than not, this curiosity is met with an answer that goes something like this: "box lacrosse will better your field skills." 

Here are just 3 reasons you should incorporate box lacrosse in your winter sports schedule this year.

A New Perspective

After winning the 2017 NLL Championship with the Swarm, I decided that it was time to hang up my bicep & rib pads and ride off into the indoor sunset. Then I received a call from Swarm owner John Arlotta in November.

"We'd love to keep you involved with the team, would you be interested in doing color commentary for the home games?" 

Here is what I learned with my first experience broadcasting a professional game:

Fall Check-In With Trilogy Alumni

With college fall ball underway, we wanted to check-in with our Trilogy alumni to see how they were adjusting to academics, college life, and lacrosse. We interviewed players at 5 different colleges across the country. 

3 Reasons Overnight Camps Are More Important Than Ever

While the traditional overnight camp has lost its luster for some, we've remained steadfast in our belief that every kid deserves to experience all that overnight camps offer. In this article, we discuss why overnight camps are still important, and possibly, even more important than ever.

2018 US Lacrosse Sanctioned Camps

In 2018, Trilogy Lacrosse will operate 12 US Lacrosse Sanctioned Camps - 8 advanced camps & 4 intermediate-level camps. Click the link below to learn more about what a USL Sanctioned event means for you and your family. 

See What People Are Saying About Trilogy Events

New to Trilogy Lacrosse? See what our customers are saying about our tournaments, Aces events, and ICE program. 

Girls Treadmill Workouts

Three 30-minute treadmill workouts for girls to execute during the lacrosse off-season in order to build stamina and endurance. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced options provided. 

3-Part Girls Lacrosse Workout

The following workout is a 3-part series that hones in on speed training, strength training, and stickwork. Created by National Director Amanda Trendell, this workout is simple to execute, yet extremely effective in preparing for lacrosse season. 

Ryan Boyle on Recruiting Changes

On April 14 the NCAA DI adopted rule changes to the recruiting process set forth in a combined effort the IWLCA and IMLCA.  The most drastic and straightforward measure limits contact with prospective student-athletes until prior to September 1 of their Junior year.

How will the new recruiting legislation affect you and your family?

Get to Know Lindsey Munday, Girls Future Aces South Director & USC Head Coach

In anticipation of the first-ever Girls Future Aces, we interviewed National Director Lindsey Munday so that girls and parents across the nation could get to know one of our sport's best players and coaches.

2017 Trilogy Club Recruiting Seminar

Early in January 2017, Trilogy Lacrosse held its annual Recruiting Seminar for New Jersey Diesel and New Jersey Empire families. Trilogy Club Program Manager Mike Terry took to the Trilogy blog to highlight some of the key points made by NCAA coaches from Stevens Institute of Technology and Princeton University.

Strength & Style Part 3: Linear Dodging

In Strength and Style Part 3 Girls Programs Manager Amanda Trendell takes you through her “Linear Dodge” Drill which helps players gain comfortability with two different types of dodges: The Shake and Bake + the Toe Drag.

What Are We Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

When you work in lacrosse, it is hard to not be thankful every day. Helping develop young men & women into the people they want to be, growing the game we love& shaping the sport's trajectory are just a few of the blessings.

But there are many things outside of lacrosse that the employees of Trilogy are thankful for, including (in no particular order): Family, $1 cheese pizza, Gregg Popovich, babies, siblings & so much more...

Press Release: Inaugural Girls Future Aces South

Summit Lacrosse Ventures and Trilogy Lacrosse are pleased to announce the inaugural Girls Future Aces South powered by Northstar Lacrosse – to launch in the summer of 2017. Directed by USC Head Coach Lindsey Munday and Trilogy Girls Programs Manager Amanda Trendell, this elite training event is designed to develop and challenge rising 7th, 8th and 9th grade lacrosse players to maximize their potential as they enter high school and the increasingly competitive recruiting process.

Indoor Winter Workout

In this video, Trilogy Girls Programs Manager, Amanda Trendell walks us through a 2-Part Indoor Winter Workout. Part I features a Treadmill Progression, which will help players increase their endurance, explosiveness and stride. Part II consists of a Full Body Circuit, which aims to strengthen important body parts in order to execute fundamental skills on the field.

Trilogy Blueprint: Season 1

The Blueprint, produced by Under Armour, is an online series documenting the ups and downs that Trilogy staff and players experience over the course of a busy summer.

Inside ICE

Our Intensive Club Experience (ICE) allows players from all over the country to supplement their existing Club Team and Showcase schedule with a transformative experience led by the games best role models. We may be biased, but we feel that there is no better way to spend 10 players if you are a high school lacrosse player with lofty lacrosse and life goals.

Madeira's Midfield Re-Dodging Drill

This video, published by Lacrosse Magazine in March 2016, provides players and coaches with step-by-step instructions on how to setup and execute the midfield re-dodging drill.

David Madeira Breaks Down the Approach & React Drill

Coach Dave Madeira's Approach & React Drill (which originally appeared in Lacrosse Magazine in March 2016) helps improve stickwork, dodging & defending. In this September 2016 article, Madeira details why this drill is great and how it can be practiced in small spaces.

Two-Man Game with Ryan Boyle

In this Lacrosse Magazine video, Trilogy co-founder and National Director Ryan Boyle provides step-by-step instructions on how you can implement two-man game strategies into your team curriculum NOW.

Strength & Style Part 2: Wall Ball Exercises

Wall ball exercises and routines will help you increase repetition, stamina, and confidence in order to improve your stick work.

Strength & Style Part 1: Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Want better control of your stick so that you can move on to more difficult skills? In Part 1 of Strength & Style Trilogy Girls Programs Manager Amanda Trendell explains why wrist control is so important in the game of lacrosse and provides three different exercises to strengthen wrists.

Trilogy's Partnership with Team RWB

Lacrosse is Awesome. If you are reading this you probably agree with that statement.

We live in a country full of people who have put service to this country first and allow us the freedoms to play the game we love.

What Makes a Great Summer Lacrosse Tournament?

There is nothing worse than traveling for hours only to win a game by 15 goals or losing to a team 20-2 because all of their players are a full year older. Once registered for a Trilogy Tournament, every program director gets a placement phone call from the Tournament Director to learn more about the skill level and age makeup of each team. This has resulted in closer games, tighter competition and a better overall exeperience for players, coaches and parents.

5 Keys to Effective Shooting Drills

To be effective on offense in lacrosse, it is crucial that players are able to shoot the ball into the net.  Sounds simple, right?  Far too often, we see coaches falling into the same traps when teaching their players how to shoot.

Leadership in Lacrosse

What exactly are the true characteristics of a leader? Better yet, how does leadership function in the lacrosse landscape? Trilogy National Directors and ICE coaches Ryan Boyle, Mitch Belisle, and Matt Streibel discuss what leadership means to them.

Motivation Monday

CAUTION: After viewing the content in this article, you may spontaneously break out into a series of wind sprints, two-foot lateral hops, and various combinations of burpees, push-ups, and prisoner squats.

Practice Planning: Making Lacrosse Fun

It doesn’t matter if you are a soft stick little league team or the defending Division 1 national champions, the fundamentals of lacrosse are vital to your team’s success.  Stickwork, shooting, groundballs and defensive footwork are some common fundamentals we must incorporate into our practice.

Avoiding Bad Habits in Lacrosse

In this series, Trilogy National Directors help you avoid the most common bad habits of each position. Are you falling into these traps on the field? Check out the articles below to kick those habits today and become the best attackman, midfielder or defenseman you can be. 




5 Ways to Stand Out at a Recruiting Showcase

The summer has become one of the most important recruiting periods for players who hope to play college lacrosse. Whether you are attending a school-specific prospect day, a 500-player showcase or Trilogy’s own High School Aces, it is crucial that you present yourself well and play your best

One Book All Lacrosse Coaches Should Read

This national bestseller, and arguably modern classic, by the revered Professor of Psychology and Management, illuminates an essential goal for us as coaches: to foster the maximum concentration and enjoyment of our individual participants and the collective team.

What Makes a Great Youth Lacrosse Clinic?

Our partners over at Lacrosse Allstars visited us on Sunday, February 21st at the Sports Domain Academy in Montclair, NJ. In between sessions of our Technical Training Series Clinic, National Director Mitch Belisle weighed in on the keys to choosing (and hosting) a great youth lacrosse clinic. Click the link below to discover the top 5 keys to a successful youth lacrosse clinic.

Everything You Didn't Know About Being Pro
Part I: Travel & The Boys

When people find out I play professional lacrosse for the Georgia Swarm and the Boston Cannons, they are usually surprised to learn that I live in Brooklyn, NY.  “But when do you practice?” is the common first question of many.

4 Keys to Creating a Stellar Highlight Video

Sending a highlight video can be one of the best ways to market yourself to a college coach. If your highlight video is compelling enough, it'll make him want to see you play in person. There are hundreds of other players sending their highlight tapes to that very same college coach. So how do you get noticed?

XTEAM Player to Premier on ABC's Shark Tank

Me: What’s your favorite color?

Rachel Zietz: RED.

Me: Why?

Rachel Zietz: It’s a power color.

What. A. Badass.

5 Takeaways from Trilogy's Club Recruiting Seminar

Before the Trilogy Club season got underway with team practices and summer tournaments, Trilogy co-founder Ryan Boyle hosted a Recruiting Seminar for all NJ Diesel & NJ Empire families. This seminar featured a panel of current NCAA coaches who discussed various elements of the recruiting process and how they approach it from their side of things.

Why the Emphasis on Character Development?

Most people in this industry can agree that if we worked harder on getting our athletes mentally prepared for each game they would be able perform at their best and more importantly ENJOY their time on the field. We all share the understanding that the game is mentally challenging, but we continue to place a greater emphasis on physical training.

5 Ways to Deal with Bullying on Your Team

Bullying can be a significant issue on youth sports teams, as it impacts your team’s morale and causes players to have a negative experience. It’s also a fairly widespread issue, with 48% of high school athletes reporting that they were targets of hazing, which is a type of bullying. Fortunately, you, other parents, and your team’s coaches can prevent most bullying on the team, and put a stop to it when it does occur. Here are five ways to handle bullying:

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