Indoor Winter Workout

The off-season can be a difficult time to train, especially for athletes who live in colder climates. Training in the off-season will help prevent injury and prepare players to run through drills at full speed when they get back on the field. In the video below, Trilogy Girls Programs Manager, Amanda Trendell walks us through a 2-Part Indoor Winter Workout. Part I features Treadmill Sprints, which will help players increase their endurance, explosiveness and stride. Part II consists of a Full Body Circuit, which aims to strengthen important body parts in order to execute fundamental skills on the field. In this circuit, each strengthening exercise is paired with a cardio-conditioning exercise to reinforce the overall conditioning of the athlete and to keep her heart rate up. 
The weights & speeds outlined in this video are based on Amanda's athletic ability. Please use weights & speeds that you are comfortable with and consult a trainer or professional if you have any questions.

Part I: Treadmill Sprints 

Round 1 
Incline: 4.5
Speed: 7
Time On: 35 seconds
Reps: 5
Round 2
Speed: 9
Time On: 35 seconds
Reps: 5
Round 3
Incline: 4.5
Speed: 11
Time On: 35 seconds
Reps: 5
Round 4
Inclinde: 4.5 
Speed: 12
Time On: 35 seconds
Reps: 5
*Important Disclaimer: DO NOT increase speed up to 12 if you find any of the lower speeds to be too difficult. Work up towards that speed. This will help prevent injury! 

Part II: Full Body Circuit Workout
Please read below for the full name of each exercise and the repetition paired with each move.
Run through all 3 stations sequentially, then repeat for a total of 5 rounds! 

Station 1: Bosu Ball Squats + Fast Feet
Bosu Ball Squats: 12 reps
Fast Feet: 20 reps 
Station 2: Plate Flips + Up-Downs
Plate Flips: 20 reps with at 10b weight
Plank Drops: 10 reps
Station 3: Box Jumps + Mountain Climbers
Box Jumps: 5 reps
Mountain Climbers: 50 reps 

Interested in working with Amanda this Off-Season? Check Out Our Girls Winter Clinics HERE

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