Get to Know Lindsey Munday, Girls Future Aces South Director & USC Head Coach

In July 2017, Summit Lacrosse Ventures and Trilogy Lacrosse will host the inaugural Girls Future Aces South Powered by Northstar Lacrosse. Directed by USC Head Coach Lindsey Munday and Trilogy Girls Programs Manager Amanda Trendell, this elite training event is designed to develop and challenge rising 7th, 8th and 9th grade lacrosse players to maximize their potential as they enter high school and the increasingly competitive recruiting process. In anticipation of the first-ever Girls Future Aces, we interviewed National Director Lindsey Munday so that girls and parents across the nation could get to know one of our sport's best players and coaches.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories throughout your time at USC?
A: As sad as it is, I would say that my favorite memory is our team huddle after we lost to Syracuse in the 2016 Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament. That group had been through it all – the first game of USC women’s lacrosse, the first win, the heartbreaks and the triumphs – and the huddle was the culmination of four years of hard work, dedication, and love for one another.

Q:  Did you play other sports besides lacrosse when you were younger?
A: I played every sport there was! In high school though, I played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I actually always thought that I would play soccer in college. I think playing other sports has helped tremendously in both my playing and coaching career.

Q: Take yourself back to 2011 when you were hired as USC’s first-ever women’s lacrosse coach. Describe your feelings at that time.
A: Everything was a bit of a whirlwind at the time but the biggest feeling was grateful. I was (and still am) honored to be able to lead a program like USC. That feeling still drives me today – I am thankful to be at USC and I want to make sure I do everything I can do to give back to the University as well as the student athletes.

Q: What’s your favorite part about USC’s campus?
A: My favorite part of campus is the weight room. It epitomizes motivation and hard work. There are world-class athletes that train in the facility and it is the perfect place to push oneself to get better! Not to mention it has an incredible fueling station for pre and post training to optimize your workout.

Q: Who do you most look up to in your life and why?
A: My sister. She is three years older than me and I always wanted to be like her. I tried my best (and generally failed) to impress her so that I would be allowed to hang out with her and her friends. She was an all-star athlete too, and I always tried to push myself to be just like her. She is someone I still look up to today.

Q: If you could visit ANYWHERE in the world for 1 week, where would you go?
A: That is a very hard question! I think I would say Patagonia, Chile. I would love to be able to hike and camp there and see all of the beautiful sights of the Country.

Q: Why did you decide to join Trilogy & Northstar Lacrosse in their inaugural year of the Girls Future Aces (GFA)?
A: I love the game of lacrosse. It has given me so many invaluable experiences and opportunities and I love the idea of giving back to the next generation. I think it is so important to not only teach the game of lacrosse, but also recognize the leadership aspects of the game and the relationships built through sport. I think Trilogy and Northstar teach the game in the right way and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Q: What are you most excited about heading into GFA?
A: I’m excited to bring new and exciting drills into GFA. I’m a big fan of teaching the basics, but I think there are innovative ways to do that and I’m excited to see the players respond to that.

Q: If you could offer female youth lacrosse players one piece of advice, what would it be?
A: HAVE FUN! The reason that we play sports is because it’s fun. I think everyone could use a reminder as to why we play. It’s so easy to focus on winning or losing, or recruiting, or your mistakes, but it’s so important to remember why we all do this in the first place. It’s all about the relationships you create and the experiences that you have. I hope young players can always remember why they started in the first place!


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