5 Takeaways from Trilogy's Club Recruiting Seminar

by Will Casertano | June 20, 2016

Before the Trilogy Club season got underway with team practices and summer tournaments, Trilogy co-founder Ryan Boyle hosted a Recruiting Seminar for all NJ Diesel & NJ Empire families. This seminar featured a panel of current NCAA coaches who discussed various elements of the recruiting process and how they approach it from their side of things. Below are a few of the key points made by Brian Fisher and Brian DiBetta, coaches at Monmouth University & Steven's Institute of Technology, respectively...

1.  Find the right fit for YOU
       a. What is the best place for YOU to go to college?
       b. What do YOU want in a college experience?
       c. State school vs. liberal arts college vs. research university?
       d. Close to home vs. across the country?
       e. Monmouth vs. Stevens Tech
               i. DI vs. DIII
               ii. Big student body vs. smaller classes
               iii. College on the beach vs. close proximity to New York City
      f. Where are YOU going to thrive academically, socially, & athletically? (in that order!)

 2Get to Campus
       a. Get first hand experience with the coaches, players, & walk through the athletic and academic facilities.
       b. Take a tour of the school with the admissions office.
       c. Spend a night with a current player.
       d. Get a feel for what the school is like while it is in session.
       e. While you are there, ask questions to gain insight about what a day in the life of a student-athlete is like.
       f. Envision yourself as a student at the school. Ask yourself, "Is this a great fit for me?"

3.  The Timeline Moves Slower than You Think
       a. Every school has their own individual timeline. Only a small group of top DI schools partake in "early recruiting" & have a full class of current sophomores committed.
               i. These type of schools are the outliers. Not EVERY school follows this process.
               ii. It's never too late to reach out.
       b. Monmouth evaluates all classes but focuses on sophomores and juniors.
               i. They reserve spaces for the late academic and athletic bloomers.
               ii. They need to see SAT and/or ACT scores and a full 2 years of a high school transcript.
       c. Stevens Tech only actively recruits juniors and focuses on one class as a time.

4. As a Player, Take Initiative
       a. Coaches want to see the player take initiative by reaching out consistently with grade and performance updates.
       b. Coaches want to see a student athlete that is a go-getter, responsible, and communicative.
       c. It's never too early to reach out.
       d. Keep coaches updated once or twice per semester with new grades, test scores, and updated athletic accomplishments.
       e. As a student-athlete, don't hide behind your parents, and don't be timid.

5Coaches Are Under Strict NCAA regulations
       a. They cannot reach out to you or respond to you until September 1st of your junior year.
       b. Don't get discouraged if you don't hear from a coach. Be persistent.
       c. Continue to reach out to coaches with new grades, test scores, & athletic accomplishments - even if you don't hear back from them!

In the clip below, Monmouth University Head Coach Brian Fisher discusses one major misconception about the recruiting timeline.

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