David Madeira Breaks Down The Approach & React Drill

David Madeira Breaks Down The Approach & React Drill

Featured in Lacrosse Magazine in April, 2016

I love doing this for any session that has an individual skills focus. It is especially perfect for off-season or pre-season practices where time and field space might be a limited resource for coaches.

If you have limited field space, whether you are practicing in a field house, basketball gym, parking lot, or sharing a field with another team, it is great because you can run it in a small area. You can also run it on multiple goals at once.

If you have a short practice or clinic it is great because it is quick and easy to setup and explain.

Lastly, this drill injects energy into the session because the players get to compete against each other and put to practice the individual skills they have been drilling (for D their approach and for O their moves off of time and room). Coaches can hype up certain 1v1 matchups, and challenge the O or D player by throwing the ball earlier or later. Coaches can also make it a competition between the O and D groups to increase the stakes and competition

Check out the drill in action below…