New England Day Camp

Wednesday Weather Update: As of 7am, the forecast looks to be clear for the duration of camp today and we will proceed as normal. Please continue to monitor the weather and plan to pick your son up under the pavilion in the event of thunderstorms in the afternoon, otherwise we will see you at 3pm!

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Trilogy Day Camps offer technical and tactical training for developing lacrosse players with an emphasis on competition, fun, and learning.  All Directors and Staff members are trained professionals that utilize the Trilogy KYP Curriculum®.

Tyker Option: 9:00am - 12noon

Graduation Years 2028-2029.  Grades 1-2 based on 2017-18 School Year

Youth Option: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Graduation Years 2022-2027.  Grades 3-8 based on 2017-18 School year

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