Michael Angelo

“I am so grateful that, through athletic competition, I learned that if you set your mind to improving, you can and will. I apply that every day to everything I do in my life. It is a pleasure and a thrill to work with a group of like-minded individuals that comprise the Trilogy Lacrosse Family. Together we push each other to be better while pushing all of the students of the game that we come across to be better on and off the field.”

After receiving a Lego Filmmaking Set when he was 8, Michael became passionate about making movies. He followed that passion, and eventually merged it with his other passion, athletics. Michael graduated from Cornell University in 2014 as a member of the Sprint Football program and two summers experience interning for a sports marketing firm in Los Angeles. Before joining Trilogy, Michael worked on a number of projects at VICE Media, including the skateboarding documentary series “Epicly Later’d”. He also worked as a videographer and editor at the food magazine “Saveur”. He looks forward to creating content that excites and motivates every day.