Rob Lindsey

“We feel a responsibility to make a positive and professional impact on the game and its culture. In additional to exceptional event experiences, we are committed to offering young lacrosse players the most valuable educational opportunity possible- to study from committed master teachers and role models who teach what they do.”

Robert has been a leader in education throughout his life and his vision has shaped Trilogy Lacrosse since its founding. He grew up as a multi-sport athlete in Baltimore, captained Gilman’s State Championship Team in 2000, and was a midfielder on Princeton’s 2001 National Championship Team. He draws inspiration from his late father- one of the game’s all time greats- who was his mentor on and off the field.

Robert seeks to inspire young people to find their passion and realize their potential. He is involved in a wide range of educational programs designed to create transformative experiences. Robert believes in the ancient educational practice of studying with masters who teach what they do.

Robert graduated summa cum laude from Princeton in 2004.

Current Educational Leadership

  • Trilogy Lacrosse, Co-Founder & Chairman 2005-
  • Rutgers University India Study Abroad Winter Session, Director 2011-
  • Rutgers University Religion Department, Teacher’s Assistant 2011-
  • Yoga Vida NYC, Director of Yoga Philosophy 2011-

Past Educational Leadership

  • Ecipient Technologies, CEO 2007-2008
  • Baltimore Youth Lacrosse Foundation, Co-Founder & Chairman 2006-2010
  • Mima Music, Trustee 2011-2015
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School, Ski Instructor 2004-2006
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School, Rookie of the Year 2005
  • Guatemalan Lacrosse Festival, Director 2006
  • Foundation for Sustainable Development Chaguitillo, Nicaragua, Community Organizer and Basketball Coach 2003
  • National Youth Center Valparaiso, Chile, Environmental Studies Teacher 2002