Ed G.

As a parent and as an organizer for a team who has spent the past 6 years covering the east coast for camps and tournaments, I can say that Trilogy Lacrosse is a first-class organization that genuinely cares about the quality of their product and the experience they provide. In fact, this past summer we exclusively attended Trilogy events because we knew we could expect a quality event. We have had the good fortune to be involved in multiple Trilogy Lacrosse events from camps to tournaments and have always had an awesome experience. The organization itself is operated as a professional business. Everyone from the founders down to the interns were always helpful, respectful and professional at all times. The events are all extremely well run and well-staffed and the competition level is great. My son still talks about the Aces camp he attended over three years ago. Their website is very informative and their level of communication for each event is tremendous. Their newsletters are also a great source of news and features and once again, Trilogy’s attention to detail and desire to provide a quality product and experience is evident.