Nate A.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful experience these past ten days. I learned a tremendous amount about the recruiting process and felt like I learned some more tactical steps that will help me in the next year. I really liked being on the different college campuses and getting a feel for the college experience. The reason why I came back to Intensive Club Experience (ICE) this past year and the reason why I love ICE so much is because of the context that Trilogy provides of the bigger picture of playing lacrosse in college. This is my 5th year of attending Trilogy events and have participated in HS and Middle School Aces, 5 different tournaments in Atlanta and Rider University, workshops led by Ryan and as a two-time ICE attendee. Each one of these events has this level of excitement for the game of lacrosse that I love and enjoy so much. The business model Trilogy is built around speaks volumes to me. The coaching I have received is second to none and has improved my game tremendously. ICE has this same level of excitement and experience times ten and has helped me so much in my own personal recruiting process. I keyed in on different facets on the recruiting process this year vs last year. None of the other events I have attended have given this amount of detailed recruiting process instruction and helpful steps to take for recruiting.

ICE mimics this same level of commitment, focus, effort, and drive so well that after coming back a second time, I can say more confidently I know what I want for my college experience. My long term plan is to attend a highly academic small liberal arts college and play lacrosse. ICE has not only taught me what each one of those words really means but also the level of lacrosse I want to be playing at and commitment needed.

[UPDATE: Nate is currently attending Vassar College where he plans to play lacrosse]