Tracye O.

Trilogy Girls Future Aces is an amazing program! The level of experience with coaching staff (Trilogy East had Janine Tucker from Johns Hopkins), program curriculum, and schedule was outstanding. This was my daughters first year with Trilogy East Girls and my sons second year with Trilogy East Boys, both had so much fun! They signed in with smiles and left with great camp stories and new friends. This program is not for the faint at heart….your child will be learning in the classroom, on the field, and during games for no less than 9 hours per day. This camp is committed to helping your child take their skills to the next level and ensures they practice what they learn during the “field skills sessions” (ie lax games). Individual lessons, club practice, mini wall ball sessions are great…but this camp puts it all together to improve your player! Each year after camp our club coaches have asked what our children did over the summer to get better. Our response “Trilogy” – it’s worth the time and cost to invest in your child’s future. Thanks Trilogy Boys/Girls East for an amazing program…we look forward to the future!