Trilogy Alumni Stories: Ally Zamparelli

Trilogy Alumni Stories: Ally Zamparelli

Ally Zamparelli is a talented goalie entering her junior season at Glen Rock high school in New Jersey. She committed to playing at Fairfield University this past Fall and we caught up with Ally to talk about how her experiences at several Trilogy camps and clinics helped her become a Division 1 scholar-athlete.

What was your favorite memory from all of your Trilogy experiences?

AZ: My favorite memory was being named the best goalie at camp during the second Future Aces New England camp that I attended. It put so much into perspective for me and made me realize how much potential I really had as a player and how everyone around me was able to see that as well. Meeting so many new girls who were so passionate about the sport also made it a great time. I even keep in touch with some now and it’s crazy to see how far we have all come.

What did you learn during your time at the Future Aces New England camps & Trilogy clinics you attended?

AZ: At the Future Aces New England camp I learned what mistakes really mean. They shouldn’t put you down and make you doubt yourself, but instead allow you to work even harder than you did before to try and overcome them. My coaches during the camp were so determined and helped me more and more each day and changed my game in a way I never thought was possible at such a young age. At all the Trilogy clinics I attended, I came out with a smile on my face and feeling so accomplished for how much I had learned within just one session. Having people who care about the sport and how you do is so important and that’s something Trilogy truly excels in.

What are you most looking forward to at Fairfield in two years?

AZ: I am most excited to be a part of a family when I attend Fairfield. Getting to see just how close the entire team is, it made me fall in love with the school even more. I can’t wait to go and be able to play the sport I love everyday with girls that will be more than just a team to me. I can’t wait to take my game to the next level and continue to work hard at the collegiate level. The beaches and beautiful campus are also a great touch.

What is your advice for middle school players who are thinking about playing in college?

AZ: My advice for middle school players is to always take care of your mental health and to understand that there is a place for everyone and where you think you may end up in 8th grade may not be what really happens. There is no issue with that and honestly that’s probably what will happen. The recruitment process is scary but if you have a good group of people behind you and always stay positive, you’ll find the right fit for yourself. Don’t make a set path for yourself, see what happens. Also attend as many camps and clinics for schools as you can, you want to show interest.

Her parents, Joe & Mindy, also talked to us about their daughter’s experiences at the Future Aces camps & Trilogy clinics she attended and how they thought it helped her figure out if playing lacrosse at the next level was something she wanted to do:

Why did you initially choose to send Ally to the Future Aces camps & Trilogy clinics?

JZ & MZ: We were contacted by Ally’s coach to see if she would be interested in attending. We had heard what a great program it was and thought it would be a wonderful learning experience for Ally.

How do you think Ally benefitted from her experiences at the Future Aces camps & Trilogy clinics?

JZ & MZ: It taught Ally how to become more independent at a young age, since she knew no one that was attending the camp. Ally is a goalie so communication, leadership and being a good teammate are key; attending Trilogy increased her social and leadership skills. She received great instruction and feedback from the coaches, which she took to heart and worked on when she left. It also gave Ally her first glance of what college life was like since they had the opportunity to stay on campus.

How do you think the Trilogy events Ally attended helped in her decision-making process in wanting to continue playing lacrosse at the collegiate level?  

JZ & MZ: It was the first time she was exposed to coaches and players from the college level. They shared their own experiences as a college athlete and then as a college coach. It definitely sparked Ally’s interest as something she thought she might like to do.

What advice do you have for parents going through the recruiting process and/or helping their daughters figure out if playing in college is something they want to do?

JZ & MZ: It definitely is a journey and our role as parents is to be there to really support them. They will have moments of excitement and disappointment during the process. It is important to communicate and really listen to your child to ensure they really want to play in college and understand the commitment. Taking them to different college camps to see what type of school and program they are interested in is important. You both will know when they have found the right fit from watching the interaction between your child and their future coach and seeing the sparkle in their eye.

Thank you to the Zamparelli Family! We look forward to seeing Ally continue to be one of the top goaltenders in the state and seeing her play at Fairfield in the future!