Trilogy Alumni Stories: Emma Muchnick

Trilogy Alumni Stories: Emma Muchnick

Back in December of 2020, we featured an up and coming lacrosse star, Emma Muchnick, about her time at Trilogy Lacrosse camps, her dominance on the field at Suffern High School and her recent commitment to the University of Maryland (see the article HERE). In the time since, Emma has continued to crush it representing the Red, White & Blue with the USA Select program, receiving high school All-American honors twice and being named as the 2022 NY State Tournament MVP and Rockland County Player of the Year in both lacrosse and tennis. But perhaps most importantly, she began the 4-year process of fulfilling her Division 1 NCAA Lacrosse dream by kicking off her freshman year at the University of Maryland. We caught back up with the rookie midfielder to hear more about her collegiate experience!

We last talked in late 2020 when you had just committed to Maryland – what has your freshman experience at College Park been like?

EM: The University of Maryland has been a great learning experience overall. Transitioning to college can often be a stressful and uncertain process, but being on a team here at Maryland has definitely made the transition easier and more enjoyable. From the start, you are greeted by upperclassman players who have a ton of great experience and an eagerness to help the younger players get into the swing of things. Most of the players live together, especially the freshmen, who are put together in dorms. I’ve been lucky enough to live in a brand new dorm specifically for honors and student-athletes. Additionally, I have been able to make connections not only with the girls in my grade, but the older girls on the team that I don’t live with. Through them, I have also become a part of a number of student-athlete organizations that work on leadership and mental health awareness for student-athletes. Although it has been a busy first year, it is thrilling to always have something to do, have the ability to set goals on the field and train with my teammates, and experience the beautiful campus here at the University of Maryland. Additionally, I have really made it my goal this year to take in as much as I possibly can! I tried to meet as many new people as possible, join new clubs and organization, and grow as a player as much as I could!

You mentioned your excitement to learn from the UMD coaches – what have been the most important lessons you’ve learned from them?

EM: I have definitely learned a number of important lessons from my coaches throughout the year. I would say that the most important lesson that I have learned is being able to read a game situation and adjust to it quickly. For example, in the beginning of the fall, I learned a ton about overall attack movement, cutting, and dodging. My coaches expressed how important it was to see where my defender was standing and at what angle they were standing in order to determine where I would dodge or where I would occupy my defender before I cut. Additionally, on the defensive end, I was taught about how important it is to read an attacker’s movement and tendencies in order to determine where to force them. It is all about taking what you are given and making smart and efficient adjustments in order to help the team.

Have you run into any of the girls you met/played with/against at Trilogy Lacrosse events back in the day? If so, what was that like?

EM: Unfortunately I have not run into any girls that I have met through Trilogy so far this season, but I hope I get the chance to see some this post-season!

What would you tell middle school Emma if you could go back and give her advice when she was at Trilogy camp?

EM: There are a number of things I would tell my younger self at Trilogy camp! The most important thing that I would tell myself is to enjoy everyday and all that comes with the experience! Balancing practice, training, classes, and extra individual work on the field can sometimes be exhausting and challenging to get used to. But in each day is a special learning experience and a reminder that I am so lucky to be where I am today. I play the sport because I truly love it and everyday is an opportunity to get better at what I love to do. I would remind myself to smile more and find the good in each new experience I am given!

We look forward to continuing to track Emma’s success and follow the Terps as they make a Big 10 and NCAA playoff push in 2023 and beyong!