US Lacrosse Sanctioned Tournaments & Qualifiers

Trilogy will operate seven US Lacrosse Sanctioned Tournaments in 2018. Six of these events will also serve as qualifying events for the 10th annual US Lacrosse Nationals.


What does US Lacrosse Sanctioning mean? Basically, it's a guarantee from the game's national governing body that the tournament will meet best standards in 5 categories: Venue, Game Format, Risk Management, Tournament Administration, and the use of US Lacrosse Officials.


The six Trilogy tournaments below will also serve as qualifying events for the US Lacrosse Nationals, a boys' and girls' tournament for the 14U, 13U, and 12U age divisions on August 2 - 5, 2018, at DE Turf Sports Complex in Federica, Delaware. CLICK HERE to see how the US Lacrosse Nationals qualifying point system works.


In 2017-18 at US Lacrosse qualifiers, roster age rules for teams in the US Lacrosse qualifying divisions shall be at the discretion of the event operator.

Trilogy Qualifiers will go on a grade level requirement

All players in below qualifying divisions must adhere to the following grade requirements:

  • 12U, 2017-18 school year grade six (2024 High School graduation year)
  • 13U, 2017-18 school year grade seven (2023 High School graduation year)
  • 14U, 2017-18 school year grade eight (2022 High School graduation year)

*Please note there are no age requirements, only grade level requirements for this summer in Trilogy qualifiers.

Roster Requirements for the 2018 US Lacrosse Nationals 

The below US Lacrosse Nationals age requirements apply only to teams who qualify and participate in the US Lacrosse Nationals.

1. One major goal of US Lacrosse Nationals is to bridge the gap between US Lacrosse’s age-segmentation policies and the widespread current practices in the lacrosse club and lacrosse event markets.

2. Currently age-divisions at club events are almost exclusively grade-based.

3. Over the next few years, US Lacrosse Nationals will fully incorporate US Lacrosse’s age-segmentation standards, however, in order to accommodate the ways clubs are currently structured, and to avoid needlessly excluding grade-eligible players who have competed with their club teams throughout the year from competing in Nationals, the 2018 Nationals will provide a limited roster age exception policy.

4. The 2018 Roster Age Exception policy is as follows: a team competing at the 2018 US Lacrosse Nationals may field up to five players who do not comply with the birthdate guidelines, provided i) that the players meet the previously stated club participation requirement; ii) that those players were born not more than six months earlier than the birthdate cutoff for their division, and iii) that the player is in the scholastic grade that corresponds to their respective division. The Corresponding Grade for each division is:

  • 12U, 2017-18 school year grade six
  • 13U, 2017-18 school year grade seven
  • 14U, 2017-18 school year grade eight

5. A player’s future desire to take a post-grad year is irrelevant to the question of what grade that player was actually in for the 2017-18 school year.

6. The 2018 Roster-Age Exception policy is in place for 2018 only. Is shall be evaluated during and after the year, and changes shall be proposed for 2019 and beyond as US Lacrosse Nationals seeks to move towards full compliance with US Lacrosse age-segmentation policies.

Why do Trilogy USL Nationals Qualifiers have different Age Guidelines than the US Lacrosse Nationals?

Read bullet number 1, 2, 3 and 6 above. We understand that teams in most regions were formed prior to the announcement of the US Lacrosse qualifier system. The goal of US Lacrosse was not to have teams have to re-do rosters mid-season but to balance that with a fair tournament.

US Lacrosse Player Segmentation

Below is a summary of Youth Division Names, Age Guidelines, and an Age Grouping Reference Table. 

Divisions and Corresponding Grades:

  • 14U - 2022 Grad Year - Entering 9th grade Fall of 2018 (previously called U15)
  • 13U - 2023 Grad Year - Entering 8th grade Fall of 2018 (previously called U14)
  • 12U - 2024 Grad Year - Entering 7th Grade Fall of 2018 (previously called U13)
  • 11U - 2025 Grad Year - Entering 6th Grade Fall of 2018 (previously called U12)
  • 10U - 2026 Grad Year - Entering 5th Grade Fall of 2018 (previously called U11)
  • 9U - 2027 Grad Year - Entering 4th Grade Fall of 2018 (previously called U10)
    *A player's future desire to take a post-grad year is irrelevant to the question of what grade that player is actually entering for the 2018-19 school year.

Where the "U" goes makes a difference. 14U = "14 & Under" and does not equal U14 = "Under 14"

US Lacrosse Player Age Segments:

via US Lacrosse, read more about player segmentation HERE. 

US Lacrosse Nationals Qualifying Tournaments:

Jordan XII Slide

Atlanta Tournament

June 2 - 3
Noonday Park, Atlanta, GA
High School - 9U

Baltimore Tournament

June 9 - 10
Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center, Parkton, MD
2022 - 2026 + 9U

Rider Tournament

June 23 - 24
Rider University, Lawrence Township, NJ
2019 - 2026 + 9U

Great Lax Bay Classic

June 23 - 24
STSA Athletic Conference, Saginaw, MI
Men's - 10U

Providence Tournament

July 14 - 15
Brown University, Providence, RI
2019 - 2026

Girls Lake George Tournament

July 14 - 15
Golden Goal Sports Park, Fort Ann, NY
2022 - 2026

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