Strength & Style Part 2: Wall Ball Exercises

Strength & Style Part 2: Wall Ball Exercises

In the second segment of Strength & Style, I demonstrate two of my favorite wall ball exercises. Wall ball exercises and routines will help you increase repetition, stamina, and confidence in order to improve your stick work. These 2 exercises are specifically designed to target grip changes and hand switches.

Why wall ball? Using the wall to focus on these two elements will help you in the following areas: shooting, dodging, clearing, and faking. Plus, these 2 moves are super fun!

When performing these exercises, keep in mind:

  • Get Creative on the wall! Try new things
  • Make sure to do both exercises with your LEFT and RIGHT hands
  • Challenge yourself every week by increasing your reps. Start at 25 and build up from there
  • Drop + Start Over Challenge: Improve your consistency by having a goal of “no drops” throughout your total repetitions for the week

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