What People Are Saying About…

What People Are Saying About…

Intensive Club Experience (ICE)

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“Very well run, on time, clean facilities. Good communication before and throughout tournament days. And… kept the schedule despite the weather report!” – Program Director

“Well run, organized, ample staff, great facilities!” – Participant

“Flow was amazing….kept the games moving.” – Participant

“Another good experience with Trilogy. Always professional and fun.” – Participant

“Competitive games and great venue.” – Participant

“Every aspect of the tournament exceeds all expectations.” – Program Director

“Clean and beautiful scenic spot. Well organized and friendly staff… EVERDAY and ALL DAY”. – Participant

“Well Organized Event. Everything was very smooth. Even with an injury and a paramedic call, everything was handled with ease. Very enjoyable event.” – Participant

“Combination of it all: great, consistent referees, nice facility, well-run games that kept to the schedule, good food truck options.” – Participant

“Not a ton of down time. The parking was great. Getting in and out was easy. The employees in green shirts were very nice and helpful.” – Participant

“Games ran on time, schedule was great (at least for 2021s); fields are awesome and beautiful location.” – Participant

“Everything was so well-organized, from field/game management to parking. Kudos!” – Participant

“Entire tournament was done very professionally.” – Program Director

“Well run, well reffed, loved the central horn. Medical staff was quick to move in on every injury.” – Participant

“Overall execution of the tournament was top notch.” – Participant

“This tournament was by far the most organized, well run event I have ever attended. Gettysburg College was a perfect venue!” – Participant

“Well run and organized plus well manned with field marshal, trainer, and quality refs.” – Program Director

“The tournament was very well organized and there were plenty of vendors for food and lacrosse equipment. Nice playing teams from other states.” – Participant

“Well coordinated tournament. Fields labeled clearly. Transportation was provided which was great. And first aid responders were everywhere.” – Participant

“One of the best run tourneys we’ve attended. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.” – Participant

“Communication from tourney organizers and officials was tremendous. Facilities, game officials, parking, all excellent.” – Participant

“Well run tournament. Fields were all in good shape, tournament ran on time and was well organized. Parking was convenient and there was enough available for all participants. Games were spaced evenly, giving teams enough time to rest but not forcing them to spend all day at the field.” – Participant

“The layout was great. The games were well run and the officials were excellent. The staff at Bryant University was great. I appreciated having clean bathrooms both days and there was never a trash issue. We spend both days on field 1 & 2 so that area was spotless. I made it a point to thanks the custodians and concession staff they were great.” – Participant

“I felt like the tournament itself was very well done. Beautiful venue, plenty of parking, helpful staff and clean bathroom facilities.” – Participant

“The day went off without a hitch, all officials were present and on time, always saw Trilogy staff all over campus.” – Participant

“Professional, well run, good bracket breakdown, great location.” – Participant

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