Women of Midwestern Winners: Claire Marosi

Women of Midwestern Winners: Claire Marosi

Claire Marosi is a talented midfielder from Catholic Central high school and is one of the top players in the 2024 class. She was named among the best 24 midfielders in the Midwest and will be attending the Midwestern Winners showcase this summer. We caught up with Claire to talk to her about her decision to attend the event:

What do you hope to get out of your Midwestern Winners experience?

Claire Marosi: I look forward to meeting and working with some of the best college coaches in the region. Additionally, I am hoping to learn some new skills that can allow me to improve as a player.

What is a personal goal and team goal for you as you head into your sophomore season?

CM: My personal goal is to become a team leader and a team goal of mine is to help us be the best team that we can be.

What made you decide to want to play lacrosse collegiately?

CM: I love playing lacrosse and am highly motivated by the chance to compete at the highest level possible. I am very competitive!

Claire’s father, James, further discussed their decision to send Claire to Midwestern Winners and how they hope it will help her improve as a player:

How did you hear about Midwestern Winners and what ultimately made you decide to sign Claire up for the showcase?

JM: Our club director Chris Merucci told us about it and we thought it was a good opportunity to get Claire exposure to some schools that she is interested in.

What are you hoping for your daughter to get out of the experience at the Midwestern winners showcase?

JM: A fun, competitive showcase that allows her to get to know some of the coaches that are attending and what their coaching styles are.

What questions/advice do you have as your family begins the recruiting process?

JM: We feel comfortable with the recruiting process as all 4 of her older siblings have played a sport in college and her sister Lauren currently plays at VCU so we have been through this before!

Thank you to the Marosi family! We look forward to seeing Claire at Midwestern Winners and are excited to see what she does in her sophomore season at Catholic Central!