Women of Midwestern Winners: Shannon Murphy

Women of Midwestern Winners: Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy is one of the top uncommitted players in the 2023 class. She is heading into her junior season at Forest Hills Central high school and was previously a 2020 Under Armour All American and made the 2021 UA Spotlight team as well! Shannon will be attending the Midwestern Winners showcase and joined us to talk about her decision to attend the event and her upcoming high school season

What are you most excited about for Midwestern Winners?

Shannon Murphy: I am excited to play with some of the best players in the Midwest while receiving instruction from top NCAA coaches. It’s always fun to play amongst high-level athletes: both with and against. This encourages and challenges us to be the best we can be, not just every game but every play.

What do you hope to get out of your Midwestern Winners experience?

SM: I enjoy pushing myself and hope to increase my skill level. In addition, I always enjoy the camaraderie that often comes from these types of events, as well as the tremendous exposure.

What is a personal goal and team goal for you as you head into your junior season?

SM: A personal goal I have for my junior season is to continue as a team leader while pushing myself to better my skills every day in practice and in games. A team goal I have for this upcoming season is to encourage chemistry throughout the roster no matter skill, position, or grade. I am super excited to work with my school team again and train with those girls every day until summer.

What made you decide to want to play lacrosse collegiately?

SM: When I was young I was a soccer and field hockey player. It was suggested that I try out for lacrosse in fifth grade, and after my first practice I immediately knew I was hooked. I’ve always loved being on the field for any sport, but this was a whole new level of passion. After that first year, I told my parents this is absolutely what I want to do in college. I had instantly fallen in love with the sport and the adrenaline rush that it provided. Since then, I’ve been training through every season, working and building on basic fundamentals, and working out both before and after school to help increase my all-around skill set. In addition, one of my greatest joys of lacrosse is the team concept of working towards common goals and aspirations. This sport has brought me some of the strongest friendships with girls from all over the country.

Shannon’s parents further discussed their decision to send Shannon to Midwestern Winners and how they hope it will help her improve as a player:

How did you hear about Midwestern Winners and what ultimately made you decide to sign Shannon up for the showcase?

We heard about Midwest Winners through Shannon’s club coach, Chris Merucci of Triumph. After reading about it online and discussing it with Shannon, this sounded like an excellent opportunity. We’re very happy she can be a part of this showcase.

What are you hoping for your daughter to get out of the experience at the Midwestern winners showcase?

We’re hoping that Shannon will have a wonderful, all-around experience. She’s made some terrific friends and has met some incredible coaches from around the country, and we are very fortunate to have these opportunities.

What questions/advice do you have as your family goes through the recruiting process?

Perhaps one of the biggest things we have learned as a family is to trust in the process, enjoy the journey, and stay patient. One should never forget how fortunate we are to be able to have this entire experience.

Thank you to the Murphy Family! We look forward to seeing Shannon at Midwestern Winners and are excited to see what she does in her junior season at Forest Hills Central!