Women of Western Winners: Catriona Barry

Women of Western Winners: Catriona Barry

Impose your will on the game…Catriona Barry is a player who has the ability to do this in a way that few others can.  As a native of Napa, California, Cat was originally a superstar youth athlete in a small “pond.”  With every challenge she took on in subsequent years, she rose to meet the demands of the moment, and even surpassed expectations. At Western Winners camps she battled the best lacrosse players in the Western United States and still found a way to impact every drill and game she played in. Barry, now a standout midfielder for Duke University, will be taking her 5th year in school and playing her extra “COVID” season for the Blue Devils in the spring of 2022.  She’s destined for greatness and we can’t wait to see what she imposes her positive, strong, and creative will on next!

What is your favorite Western Winners Showcase memory?

When I look back at all the camps and showcases I went to while I was getting recruited, Western Winners stands out among the rest. For starters, it was one of my first experiences at recruiting event. Girls came from all over the country to compete and elevate their game, and I was amazed by the talent around me. I felt my technical skills improving just after a few days playing with the competition at Western Winners. I learned new dodges, shot techniques, and defensive stances that prepared me for my high school and club seasons. I also developed new offensive and defensive strategies throughout my time at Western Winners. But what really makes Western Winners stand out among the other showcases/camps are the memories I made with my teammates. Western Winners was an opportunity for me to get to know the girls on my club team in ways I hadn’t before. We celebrated the wins, learned from the losses, and bonded over the long hours in the heat. Western winners was an experience I will never forget.”

What is your favorite lacrosse memory at Duke?

” It is hard to pick one memory over all others because some of my happiest moments at Duke are in the day-to-day grind with my teammates. It’s the early mornings, sprints in the heat, long bus rides, and late practices that make the experience so special. The wins are great, but they would not exist without the months of training and preparation that we endure as a team. Those are the moments I miss the most during the summer months and in the off-season.”

How did Western Winners impact your recruiting journey?

Western Winners gave me the opportunity to play in front of high caliber coaches from all over the country. I was able to be seen by many college coaches — some that knew me already and others that didn’t. I was able to interact with coaches on a more personal and individual level because they were actively involved in the clinics and scrimmages. I got a sneak peek into different coaching styles, which ultimately helped me understand what type of leadership I liked most. Western Winners helped me gain confidence in myself as a player and in my ability to navigate the recruiting process. ”

What is one thing you still use to this day from your Western Winners experience?

“In terms of navigating the recruiting process, Western Winners taught me the value in risk taking. Even when I made mistakes, my coaches and teammates reassured me that it was okay to take risks and try new things. At other recruiting showcases, I often felt pressure to perform perfectly which resulted in playing “safe.” My Western Winners coaches gave me some of the best feedback I have received after games in which I made mistakes — they were happy to see me trying new things and taking risks.”

What are you looking forward to the most next season at Duke?

I am most excited to pick up right where we left off. We made huge strides as a team this season and I am so fortunate to get another year to play with the girls. We have so much talent and leadership returning next year, so we are ready to hit the gas right from the start. We were so fortunate to get a full season this last year because of the efforts by Duke and the ACC, so we feel very prepared to achieve many of our program goals in the 2021-2022 season.”

We can’t wait to see you in your super senior season Cat!