Women of Western Winners: Grace Kerr

Women of Western Winners: Grace Kerr

Grace Kerr is in her freshman year at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville, California. Her first experience with Trilogy Lacrosse was at the Ivy tournament in Connecticut during the Summer of 2021. After dominating with her speed at The Ivy (check out her wheels HERE), she attended the Winter Western Winners where she was one of six 2025 grads named to the All-Star team.

She has continued her domination in 2022 as she helped lead the Tenacity 2024 team to a 7-0 record at the Sand Storm tournament in January. Grace is also a three-sport athlete who plays soccer and is a member of the waterpolo team in addition to her time on the lacrosse field.

We caught up with Grace to talk about her experiences at Western Winners and how they have helped her as she prepares for her first season of high school lacrosse:

What has been your favorite Western Winners memory so far?

Grace Kerr: My favorite Western Winners memory is from the winter showcase at Pomona-Pitzer College where my younger sister and I both attended. We both play midfield, and I remember during one of our first games we were teamed up on the same midfield line. After our team won the draw and created some movement on attack, my sister took a shot and it bounced off the post. My sister got her own rebound in the middle of a crowd of defenders and found me for an assist.

What have you learned about the recruiting process from Western Winners?

GK: Western Winners gave me a chance to speak with college coaches during the recruiting seminar and at different drill stations. During the recruiting seminars, players asked questions to the college coaches and each coach responded with what characteristics they are looking for from prospective student-athletes. As I approach my recruiting process as a freshman, this extra information will help me remember how I am seen, and how I want to be seen as an athlete and a person. Also, it will help me better evaluate my fit with a school both on and off the field. 

What are your personal and team goals for your upcoming high school season?

GK: I would love to make Varsity. On the team, I hope to be a contributor by winning draw controls, playing lockdown defense and creating goal-scoring opportunities. I want to continue to be a hardworking and spirited teammate on the field, and a fun friend off of it.  

What is your favorite lacrosse memory so far?

GK: My favorite lacrosse memory so far is winning the championship at the Sand Storm tournament this January while playing on the 2024 Tenacity National Team. Our team played with grit the whole weekend while finishing with a 7-0 record through lots of nail-biter games. Without the determination and tenacity of every player on the team, we wouldn’t have been able to make it as far as we did. It was so satisfying seeing the work we put in during COVID times pay off.

Grace’s mother, Carolyn, further discussed how she found out about Western Winners and how it has led to her daughter’s aspirations to play at the collegiate level:

Why did you initially choose to send Grace to the Western Winners?  

Carolyn Kerr: We chose to send Grace to Western Winners so that she could challenge herself by playing against the best players throughout the country. There is no better measuring stick than the talent you face at a showcase like Western Winners.

I will continue to send her to Western Winners not only for the diversity of the high-caliber college coaches that are represented, but because it is evident how much the coaches really enjoy being at the camp. As a parent, I was grateful to see the coaches enthusiastically involved in player development. Watching from the bleachers during scrimmages, I could hear that the coaches had taken the time to learn each athlete’s name and were giving constructive, targeted advice during field substitutions.

How do you think Grace (and sister Liz) benefited from Western Winners? 

CK:She learned that it is not just the coaches who teach her, but that there is a tremendous amount to be learned from your teammates too. One of her biggest learning moments came from a defensive senior who took the time to instruct her on her defensive footwork. Instead of getting down on Grace for not sliding, she told her how to read the offense. She trusted her teammate and together the team grew more successful. Grace really values that role model because she embraced the idea that player development leads to team success. 

Grace also grew more confident in regards to playing in front of college coaches. After initially being nervous, her experience at the Winners showcase has made her look forward to being critiqued by them to learn from her mistakes. She really wants to take those risks, try new moves, and grow as a player.

How do you think the Western Winners prepared Grace for high school lacrosse? 

CK: As a freshman gearing up for her first high school lacrosse season, having the opportunity to compete both against and with other graduation year teammates has raised her game to the next level. It has given her the confidence to know she has the hustle and passion to compete with the older girls. Her game IQ and diversity in shots isn’t where she wants it to be, so she watches the older girls and tries out their moves. In addition, she learned new drills at the coaching stations which she has incorporated into her home personal training.     

Thanks Kerr Family! We look forward to seeing Grace and Liz continue to dominate on the Winners Showcase scene for years to come!