Women of Western Winners: Sarah & Lizzie Anne

Women of Western Winners: Sarah & Lizzie Anne

Sarah and Lizzie Anne are both freshmen midfielders at Olympus high school in Utah. The both of them are looking to make a big impact in their first high school seasons. Once they have completed their freshmen seasons, they will be heading to the Western Winners Showcase this summer!

We caught up with Sarah & Lizzie to ask them about what they are most looking forward to when they attend the showcase and what they want to accomplish during their first season of high school lacrosse:

What are you most excited about for Western Winners?

Sarah: I am most excited to play and compete at a high level with other talented girls and great coaches.

Lizzie: I am most excited about being pushed and challenged while playing alongside top lacrosse players from across the country. Knowing that Western Winners is a big attraction for collegiate coaches, I am also excited to work with some of the best coaches in the country.

What do you hope to get out of your Western Winners experience?

SA: I’m hoping to meet and play with new girls while learning from some of the best coaches and enhancing my game. I hope to learn new skills and come out of the camp a better player and person.

LA: I hope to learn a couple of new skills that will challenge me and help me grow as a player. I’m excited to learn from the college coaches at the event in hopes of having the opportunity to play collegiately.

What are your personal and team goals for your upcoming high school season?

SA: A personal goal for my high school season is to be one of the top playmakers and leaders on my team.  My team goal is to help lead my team to a state championship.

LA: A personal goal I have for this season is to improve my footwork to be more effective in 1 v 1’s offensively and defensively. A team goal that I have is that as a freshman, I would like to help lead my team to a state title.

What made you decide to want to play lacrosse collegiately?

SA: Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved sports and wanted to play in college. Playing lacrosse collegiately at the highest level is my goal. I want to play lacrosse in college to surround myself with high level competition and amazing talent.

LA: I would like to play lacrosse in college so that I can learn from and compete against the best of the best. By surrounding myself with elite players, I will push myself to be the best I can be and play at the highest level possible.

Sarah & Lizzie’s father, Douglas, further talked about why he signed his daughters up for Western Winners and the kind of experience he is hoping his daughters get exposed to:

How did you hear about Western Winners and what ultimately made you decide to sign both of your daughters up for the showcase?

DA: Living in Salt Lake City we’ve been aware of Western Winners but haven’t been able to attend due to conflicts with our schedule.  We made Western Winners a priority this year based on recommendations from coaches as well as rave reviews from teammates who attended last year. Having an event of this caliber basically in our backyard is an extra bonus! We are very excited to have the girls attend!

What are you hoping for your daughters to get out of the experience at the Western Winners showcase?

DA: We’re hoping Western Winners will provide an opportunity for our girls to play lacrosse with some of the best players and coaches from across the country while also making new friends and creating lasting friendships. We look to expose our girls to the best opportunities where they can work towards their dream of playing college lacrosse and Western Winners fits that bill for us.

What are you looking to get clarity on as your family goes through the recruiting process?

DA: We are looking for clarity on what Sarah and Lizzie need to be working on from a skills perspective (as Freshman and going forward) as well as the steps and timelines of the recruiting process.

Thank you to the Anne Family! We look forward to seeing Sarah & Lizzie star at the showcase this summer and what they do in their freshmen seasons.