Strength & Style Part 1: Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Strength & Style Part 1: Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Want better control of your stick so that you can move on to more difficult skills? A key element to achieving maximum control is the strength in your wrists. Having strong wrists in both your LEFT and RIGHT hands will allow you to support the weight of the stick and ball, have quicker reactions and become a better ball handler. The best college players make sure that they maximize their strength in this mechanical area in order to improve shooting, dodging, passing, and stick handling.

The following video will provide you with three different exercises that you can implement into your practice routines in order to strengthen your wrists. When doing these exercises, here are some key areas to focus on:

  • Keep a strong wrist. Do not let the weight of the stick bend your wrist backwards towards your forearm. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!
  • Do not have too tight of a grip. White knuckles are a big NO!
  • Keep your arm off your body in order to learn how to play big and not in tight. Your bicep should not be touching your rib cage.

Remember, your stick is an extension of your game and your play. Your stick does not control your game, YOU DO. Therefore, taking care of your body and the parts that enhance your play will ultimately put you in more control of what takes place on the field.

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