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Trilogy Lacrosse believes in local town-based youth programs and the sense of community that they foster. We also recognize the challenges these organizations face trying to provide a quality experience using part-time volunteer coaches that sacrifice their time but don’t have the bandwidth to stay up-to-date on modern techniques and strategies. With that in mind, we developed our Professional Coaching services to help enhance the overall player and coach experience. We provide hands-on training for the players and the necessary resources for coaches to succeed. We work with each program to design the service package and fee structure that is right for them.  


  • Eligible: Boys and Girls Youth Programs
  • **Must be within driving distance of Trilogy Corporate Office.**
  • Dates: 
  • December - February: Indoors
  • March - May: Outdoors
  • **Programs are responsible for providing field space at their preferred indoor or outdoor facility.**
  • Cost: Based on services package


**See below for more information on each service.**

  • Player Training
  • Coaching Seminar
  • Online Curriculum Portal 

Historical Programs

  • Glen Rock Lacrosse Association: Boys & Girls
  • Somers Youth Lacrosse: Boys & Girls
  • Maplewood Lacrosse Club: Boys & Girls
  • Cranford Lacrosse Club: Boys & Girls
  • Borough of Tenafly Recreation: Boys & Girls
  • West Essex Junior Lacrosse Club: Boys


Trilogy has been instrumental in working with the Maplewood Lacrosse Club coaching staff and players for the past three years. The Trilogy staff has always been great with our kids – they are professional, understand the game, and keep the boys engaged. The workouts are always fast-paced, organized, and the players learn something new each session. They also put together coaching seminars for our staff as well as provide access to their online curriculum portal. Our staff constantly uses this resource, which is extremely useful since it is continuously updated and gives our coaches new ideas to keep the players focused and interested. I am happy that our club has built a relationship with Trilogy and we benefit tremendously from all that they have to offer.
-Howie Teitelbaum, Maplewood Lacrosse Club President
Overall and historically, West Essex Lacrosse is satisfied with our experience with Trilogy. We communicate our program needs and Trilogy satisfies them … and then some. The training is spot-on – the curriculum for each session is appropriate for the audience and their staff keeps the players captivated through the instruction and high repetitions.
-Matt Reilly, West Essex Junior Lacrosse Club Director

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Player Training

Trilogy Lacrosse takes over existing practices improving individual player development and overall team performance. Players learn from qualified lacrosse expert enhancing their experience within the program. Coaches receive practical drill training and technique demonstrations so they can replicate practice schedules independent of Trilogy visits.

  • Format: Existing Practices
  • Timing: Weekday nights
  • Length: 3+ hrs
  • Sessions: 4 or 6
  • Personnel: 1 National Director
  • Curriculum: Custom Schedule approved in advance by Program Director
Coaching Seminar

Trilogy Lacrosse trains coaching staff in drills, game strategies, and terminology. Coaches learn the X’s and O’s in advance of the spring season as well as how to navigate Online Curriculum Portal for ongoing reference. This unique one-day seminar enhances program-wide lacrosse IQ and enables individual coach development.

  • Format: Pre-season Clinic
  • Timing: Weekend day
  • Length: 6+ hrs
  • Sessions: 1
  • Personnel: 1 National Director
  • Curriculum: Custom Schedule approved in advance by Program Director
Online Curriculum Portal

Program-wide access to everything a coach needs for a successful season including Resources, Practice Plans, and accompanying instructional Videos. Each Video includes Title Slide, Set-up / Execution, Whiteboard explanation, and Conclusion Slide with specific Teaching Points.

  • Resources: Practice Plans, Glossary, Field Templates
  • Videos: Drills, Game Strategies
  • Access: All Coaches via unique username + password 
  • Examples: 3v2 Keepaway Stickwork and Baseball Passing

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