Back to the Future (Aces): Emma Muchnick

Back to the Future (Aces): Emma Muchnick

Emma Muchnick, from Montebello NY, first joined Trilogy at our Girls Future Aces New England and quickly became a Trilogy lifer. Emma went on to attend multiple Trilogy events throughout the years, including our Girls Intensive Club Experience, where she excelled on and off the field. After watching Emma dedicate herself to the sport and evolve as a player, it was extra special for the Trilogy staff to present Emma’s US Lacrosse Award to her in 2018. We checked in with Emma after her recent commitment to The University of Maryland to find out how he journey helped shape that decision.

Emma Muchnick Stick Toss

What was your favorite memory from all of your Trilogy experiences?

My fondest memory from a Trilogy camp was during the Girls ICE (Intensive Club Experience) Program. I got to meet some incredible girls who were extremely supportive and ready to compete. I am lucky to have these friends still to this day. They have been there to support me through all of my endeavors, even though we live so far away. It is an incredible feeling to know that your teammates have your back! ”

What did you learn during your time at the Intensive Club Experience?

“During ICE, I learned how to be a leader. Although I was one of the youngest members, Coach Kado and Coach Mary helped me realize that anyone can be a leader. Their support gave me to the confidence to truly be a leader out on the field.

Second, I learned how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. The ICE Program was one of a kind, and something that I had never experienced before. The program taught me how work outside of my comfort zone and conquer obstacles. Two major obstacles: (#1) I would be away from home for 0ver a week, and (#2) I’d have to play with girls I had never met! Although extremely excited, I was also quite nervous going to the event. By the end of the program, I realized just how much I benefited from this new and different experience.

What are you most looking forward to at Maryland?

“I am beyond excited to play lacrosse at the University of Maryland. One thing that I am most excited for is getting to work with some of the best coaches out there! Coach Reese, Coach Phipps, and Coach Kenis, have already been extremely supportive of me during this recruiting process. I can’t wait to work with them on the field and compete with the best of the best. I want to fight for a National Championship!”

Emma Muchnick US Lacrosse

Good luck Emma, we will be cheering you on this Spring and later, in College Park!