Back to the Future (Aces): Dylan & Ryan Donnery

Back to the Future (Aces): Dylan & Ryan Donnery

The Donnery family had their first Trilogy Lacrosse experience nearly a decade ago at the 2012 Middle School Aces (the predecessor to today’s Future Aces camps). After the Aces, Ryan and Dylan Donnery attended the Trilogy ICE program where they won the Trilogy 24 Championship under the leadership of Coach Matt Striebel. Both Ryan and Dylan have enjoyed great success throughout their budding lacrosse careers and credit the coaching and development they received at Trilogy events as a major factor.

In 2019 Ryan Donnery became the all-time assist leader at Westlake (NY) High School and finished his time as a Wildcat with 237 career points. Twin brother Dylan wrapped up his Westlake campaign with 275 points. The Donnery brothers then headed to The Frederick Gunn School for a post-graduate year in 2020 before ultimately choosing to attend Quinnipiac University.

Ryan plays midfield and appeared in five games, scoring four goals and handing out two assists during the COVID-shortened 2021 season. Dylan was the MAAC Rookie of the Year and was named to the All-MAAC rookie team. He started all 7 games for the Bobcats and led the team in points with 15. We checked in with Dylan and Ryan ahead of the 2022 season to see how their time at Trilogy prepared them for where they are today:

What was your favorite memory from the Future Aces?

Ryan: My favorite memory was sleeping in the dorms with my friends because it was my first sleepaway lacrosse camp. I thought it was awesome living in a dorm and being independent. 

Dylan: My favorite memory was making new friends that I still have to this day.

How do you think the Future Aces helped prepare you as a lacrosse player?

RD: The Future Aces helped me develop my game in ways that I never knew I could. I was able to turn my weaknesses into strengths which gave me an advantage over my opponents. Having such an amazing staff, including Ryan Boyle, Matt Striebel, Mitch Belisle and all the other coaches in the same place was awesome. I grew up idolizing these players, so I knew any tips and advice they gave me would improve my game a lot.

DD: Future Aces made me a better lacrosse player because it was my first time going to camp outside of our small-town bubble. We were able to go up against players from all across the nation. It was a unique experience and a big step up playing against players from all over the country instead of the same competition within our town.

Why did you choose Quinnipiac?

RD: I chose Quinnipiac because I loved the campus and I felt at home during my visit. The coaches, students and faculty were all welcoming and made us feel at ease during the process. Having a twin who was also going through the recruiting process, we knew we wanted to go to the same school and Quinnipiac gave us that opportunity. I am majoring in marketing.

DD: When I met the coaches at a tournament, there was an instant connection between the coaching staff and my family. When we took a tour of the school, it was a perfect fit.

What is a piece of advice you would have for anyone going through the college recruiting process and/or choosing to play in college?

RD: I would make sure that you like the school regardless of if you are playing lacrosse or not. Another tip I would give to young players is always believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that believe in you as well.

DD: Know what you are looking for and know yourself and where you would fit in. It is also important to be realistic about the schools you choose. 

Ryan and Dylan’s father, Patrick, also shed light on how he found Trilogy Lacrosse and the role Trilogy played in helping his sons pursue their dreams of Division 1 lacrosse:

Why did you initially choose to send the boys to a Trilogy Lacrosse camp?

When our boys were young, they used to say they wanted to be D1 lacrosse players when they grew up. They had some skills and I sent them to local day camps in the summers. After attending a few sessions, I realized they needed a challenge. I did some research and found Trilogy Lacrosse. It was run by some of the biggest names in the game and they were on site every day coaching the campers. It offered a structured schedule designed to help the boys get better. It was a sleepaway camp a few states away which made the decision to send them harder. We were nervous, but the staff put us at ease from the moment we dropped off the boys.

How do you think the boys benefitted from their experience at Future Aces?

Ryan and Dylan went to Trilogy as young lacrosse players with big dreams. By the time they left, they were confident young men who knew they could play at the next level. Even though they were small for their age group, the Trilogy coaches saw the grit and determination in the boys and encouraged and pushed them. All while having a great time and making memories and friends from all over the country. 

How do you think all of the Trilogy events the boys attended helped in their decision-making process as they were being recruited?

Attending the Trilogy events gave the boys the skills and confidence to believe they could compete in college. When Quinnipiac University contacted the boys and offered them both spots on the team, they knew immediately that this school offered the academic excellence they desired and had a great Division 1 lacrosse program. From a beautiful campus to a great coaching staff, the boys were ecstatic!

What advice do you have for parents going through the recruiting process?

As parents going through the recruiting process, you need to help your child navigate the waters. They need to be put in the best places to help them achieve their goals.

I also highly recommend a Post Graduate year to give your child an additional year to grow…both physically and mentally! One last thing…the fact that I was able to reach out to Coach Striebel and get answers about concerns I had during the recruitment process was extremely insightful and helpful.

Donnery Boys & Striebel

Thanks Donnery Family! We can’t wait to see Ryan and Dylan dominate the MAAC this spring!