Back to the Future (Aces): Zach Claiborne

Back to the Future (Aces): Zach Claiborne

The Claiborne Family was first introduced to Trilogy Lacrosse by way of a mutual friend and teammate of Ryan Boyle & Mitch Belisle who knows a little something about the sport: Paul Rabil. So it comes as no surprise that the 2023 graduate will attend Johns Hopkins once he heads off to college next fall.

While his time in-person with Trilogy was only spent at the Future Aces Midwest, both Zach and his father Touré credit the skills and habits learned at that event as major building blocks that helped form a foundation for Zach in his development. We connected with Zach and his family to learn more about that experience and what he is looking forward to the most in Baltimore.

How do you think the Future Aces helped prepare you as a lacrosse player?

Zach Claiborne: Trilogy helps teach and explain the game to student-athletes which is important to me because I like to learn. Once you add motivated players and high-level coaching, you get the ultimate environment to improve your game.

What was your favorite memory from the Future Aces?

ZC: My favorite memory of the Future Aces was the raffle. The Raffle Night was an opportunity to have fun and interact with the other players outside of lacrosse. The off-field relationship building gives players a different opportunity to develop.

Why did you choose Johns Hopkins? Any thoughts about what you will study?

ZC: I would describe Johns Hopkins as the perfect fit for me because it combines top-tier academics and lacrosse.  My plans are to study economics or something related to finance. I am interested in commercial real estate and investing; I usually use a portion of my summers to work in a business environment to help me explore professional options.

What is a piece of advice you would have for anyone going through the college recruiting process?

ZC: It may sound trivial but I would say try your best to “enjoy the process.”  Go to events, compete, do your best, be patient and don’t worry about the process of others. It’s also helpful to have a plan for summer and fall so you don’t overwhelm yourself with the many different options that pop up.  

When you aren’t playing lacrosse, what do you do for fun?

ZC: I love basketball because it gives me a competitive balance outside of lacrosse while also keeping me in shape. I also enjoy playing video games and making music.

Zach’s father, Touré,  shed light on how he found Trilogy Lacrosse and the role Trilogy played in his development:

Why did you initially choose to send Zach to a Trilogy Lacrosse camp?  

Touré Claiborne: At the time, our family was not well-versed in many areas of the game so I was put in touch with leadership of Trilogy from a friend who played the game at the highest level.  Zach was raised in Illinois which is not considered a lacrosse “hot bed,” yet he wanted to understand just how far he could go with the game if he put himself in an environment which allowed him to learn, ask questions and enhance his skills.

How do you think Zach benefited from his experience at Future Aces? 

TC: Future Aces was the right fit at the right time. The experience gave him a realistic understanding of what it would take to advance in the game of lacrosse. Trilogy attracts very talented players from many different parts of the country and it’s helpful for a young, developing student-athlete to see national competition if he/she aspires to play elite high school or college lacrosse. Future Aces was an age-appropriate reality check!

What advice do you have for parents going through the recruiting process? 

TC: I would say “do your homework” and try to have open & candid discussions with your child about what they want from athletics and why. Selecting clubs, camps, coaches, etc. should be based on fit for the student-athlete vs. following a trend or brand. Lastly, make sure the student-athlete demonstrates a commitment to the administrative aspect of recruiting – from writing letters to coaches to gathering transcripts and interview prep.     

Wise words from the Claiborne family! We look forward to 2 more great seasons in Ohio before tracking Zach and the Jays in 2023-2024!