One Book All Lacrosse Coaches Should Read

One Book All Lacrosse Coaches Should Read

This national bestseller, and arguably modern classic, by the revered Professor of Psychology and Management, illuminates an essential goal for us as coaches: to foster the maximum concentration and enjoyment of our individual participantsand the collective team.

Flow is a self-directed state of mind in which one in completely absorbed in the activity at hand. In addition to producing superior results of output, it also enriches the individual through deep inner enjoyment. And as an additional benefit, it spurs a beauty in the play of the game. Creating the opportunity for this flow state after proper (1) mental and (2) kinesthetic preparation was the origin of meaning for Trilogy Lacrosse.

At risk of the above sounding flimsy, below are some of the practical steps for coaches to create an environment of flow:

1. Set an overall goal and as many sub-goals that are realistically feasible

2. Determine ways of measuring progress in terms of the goals chosen

3. Concentrate on what one is doing, and keep making finer and finer distinctions in the challenges involved in the activity

4. Develop the skills necessary to interact with the opportunities available

5. Continue raising the stakes if the activity becomes boring

Hear all about this remarkable concept from Csikszenthihalyi himself: