ICE Breakers: Jake Marthens

ICE Breakers: Jake Marthens

Jake Marthens, another OG ICE member, joined us for our first Intensive Club Experience in 2014. The attackman from Trabuco Hills High School in Southern California traveled to the east coast for the ICE Program at Goucher College with his sights set on playing NCAA lacrosse. After visiting the wide variety of college campuses that ICE participants tour, Jake quickly realized he wanted to play high-level lacrosse without sacrificing the ability to attend a big school closer to the West Coast.

Jake attended Arizona State University from 2016-2019 which provided an opportunity to compete with the best the MCLA had to offer while enjoying the benefits of the school that best matched his needs. As a Sun Devil, Jake received 2nd Team All-America and 1st Team All-Conference honors and was recognized as a 2019 Scholar Athlete. Over the course of his 61-game collegiate career, Jake tallied 153 goals & 37 assists. We recently checked in with Jake to see what he is up to now since graduating:


What was your favorite memory from your Trilogy experience?

My favorite memory from the ICE program was the first week at Goucher College. Our schedule was full of training sessions and chalk-talks with some of the greatest minds in the game which proved to be instrumental in my growth as a player. With players being from all over the country in this program, this was also great time to get to know one another and build friendships that still last to this day.

How did the Intensive Club Experience help shape you?

ICE really showed me what it would take to compete and succeed at the next level. The lessons I learned helped me to become a better player and hopefully a great coach someday.

How did ICE help you decide to play MCLA lacrosse?

Jake Marthens ASU PracticeDuring the ICE program we toured a wide range of college campuses, ranging from small DIII schools to large Division I campuses. After doing these tours and a few school visits on my own for recruiting trips, I knew I wanted to go to a bigger school, but still have a great college lacrosse experience. A lot of the MCLA schools are able to provide this and for the people that don’t follow “club” lacrosse, I think they would be shocked by the talent level on some of these teams.”

What have you been up to since graduating?

Since graduating from ASU I started working at Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, a commercial real estate firm in Newport Beach, CA.

What is something you’d say to the ICE players this summer that you wish someone had said to you when you were in the program?

Come into the program with the desire to become a better player and utilize all of the resources that Trilogy provides for you in this program. We are extremely lucky to be awarded this experience, so take full advantage of the great coaches and players that you will be surrounded by and strive to be the best every day.”

Great advice from an MCLA (and ICE) legend. Thanks Jake!

Jake Marthens Team Photo