ICE Breakers: Jeremy Johnson

ICE Breakers: Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson started with Trilogy Lacrosse as a 3rd grader at our Bay Head Day Camp way back in 2007. Nearly a decade later, he joined us at the Intensive Club Experience where he was featured in US Lacrosse’s Stick Stories series (watch HERE).ย  In 2020, Jeremy graduated with a degree from Elizabethtown College, twice earning Landmark Conference Spring Academic Honor Roll honors. So how did this Rumson, NJ native end up as a snowboard pro in Breckenridge, CO? We checked in with Jeremy to find out!

What is your favorite Trilogy Lacrosse memory?

“Growing up, Trilogy was one of the only options in my area on the Jersey Shore, so I attended every Trilogy event I could. My favorite memory from my time at the ICE program was the barbecue at the Boyle’s house in Baltimore. After a lot of lacrosse playing, it was a great way to shift focus for a day and have some fun. “

How did Intensive Club Experience impact your recruiting journey?

ICE helped me develop a better criteria for evaluating schools. I was given a binder with information about various things about colleges, ranging from class size and academics to student life. The binder helped me narrow my sights on what type of school would be best for me. Ultimately, Elizabethtown was the perfect fit for me.”

What is your favorite memory from your time at Elizabethtown?

“My favorite memory from Elizabethtown would be winning the landmark conference championship my freshman year of college.”

What made you want to move out West after college?

“My original plan after graduating from Elizabethtown was to go immediately into graduate school for my MBA. Once COVID hit, the opportunity presented itself and I took it.”

What is your favorite part about being a Snowboard Pro at Breckenridge Resort?

“Snowboardingโ€™s initial learning curve is high, so it can be a slow and sometimes painful learning process. Patience and mileage are the best learning tools. Seeing improvement is my favorite thing, from someoneโ€™s first straight glide to a regular carved turn!”

Jeremy Johnson Snowboarding

We look forward to carving with you in the future Jeremy!