What Makes a Great Youth Lacrosse Clinic?

This Is A Trilogy Lacrosse Public Service Announcement

Our partners over at Lacrosse Allstars visited us on Sunday, February 21st at the Sports Domain Academy in Montclair, NJ. In between sessions of our Technical Training Series Clinic, National Director Mitch Belisle weighed in on the keys to choosing (and hosting) a great youth lacrosse clinic.

Parents, here’s how to pick ‘em & coaches, here’s how to run ‘em.

  1. Be Prepared. Make sure that coaches know all of the details in advance so that no time is wasted when players arrive.  Pre-event communication with coaches and players is the best way to ensure that everyone is prepared. 

  2. Know Your Facility. Maximize the space available so that players are getting plenty of touches and a lot of reps in. Tailor your drills so that they are compatible with the layout of the facility.

  3. Construct a Minute-by-Minute Schedule. Lay out your schedule in advance so that all coaches are aware of which drills you're doing and when. Sessions don’t last all day so utilize your time in an efficient and effective manner. Allow players to have rest breaks so that they can rehydrate, but make sure you keep breaks tight.

  4. Remember the Purpose of Clinics.  Understand that players attend clinics to improve. If a player doesn’t understand a drill or concept, pull the player aside, and give him individual attention. You’ve succeeded if you can confidently say, “Every player walked away from this with something they didn’t have before.”

  5. Make It Fun. Players, whether they know it or not, want to be surrounded by coaches who attack every drill with a lot of energy, who are visibly passionate, and who are simply excited to be there.  Positive energy is contagious, and excuse the cliché, but learning can be fun. Players will realize this quickly if their coaches actively choose to create an exciting environment. 


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