Heidi C.


Jennifer L., Girls Future Aces Parent

I just wanted to reach out to let you know what an amazing time my daughters had at camp this past week. First off – while they were at camp, all I got was texts of how much fun they were having. And how good the food was. They didn’t even seem to mind all the rain on Monday. Last night, it was story after story of “this great coach” or “I met this great girl…” ” this was so much fun”. So THANK YOU. You guys have a great program and a very well-run camp.

Ed G., Program Director & Aces Parent

As a parent and as an organizer for a team who has spent the past 6 years covering the east coast for camps and tournaments, I can say that Trilogy Lacrosse is a first-class organization that genuinely cares about the quality of their product and the experience they provide. In fact, this past summer we exclusively attended Trilogy events because we knew we could expect a quality event. We have had the good fortune to be involved in multiple Trilogy Lacrosse events from camps to tournaments and have always had an awesome experience. The organization itself is operated as a professional business. Everyone from the founders down to the interns were always helpful, respectful and professional at all times. The events are all extremely well run and well-staffed and the competition level is great. My son still talks about the Aces camp he attended over three years ago. Their website is very informative and their level of communication for each event is tremendous. Their newsletters are also a great source of news and features and once again, Trilogy’s attention to detail and desire to provide a quality product and experience is evident.

Toure C., Future Aces Parent

I trust everyone is having an enjoyable summer thus far. Just a quick word of thanks for the role that each of you played by connecting our family to Trilogy. From Paul’s initial intro to Ryan along with the follow-up and execution from Mitch and Bill respectively; you are an impressive group of men who represent all that is good about the lacrosse community.

Chris C., Camp Participant (turned Camp Coach)

Thank you so much for helping me get to camp this year. I had a blast learning from Coach Striebel and all the other coaches at camp, yet again. My lacrosse play and my character have developed a lot since I was a little kid and I owe a great deal to Trilogy lacrosse for that. Again, Thank You, Christopher C.

Sean S., Future Aces Parent

Our son Matthew just attended the Future Aces East event at Towson University for the second year in a row and he loved it. I spent 7 hours in the car with he and his buddies on the long ride home and they didn’t stop talking about the quality of their experience. While they certainly appreciated the competitive level of things — they all love to compete — they talked about the spirit of the camp and the quality of the coaching. These summer camps are always tough to choose, as we all have limited time and resource (and I often think Matt would be better off playing in the front yard or fishing!) but my wife and I have been so pleased with how much Matt seems to love Aces East. He’s made good friends, met excellent coaches and respects the game more because of his time there. Matt was the only kid in the car not to make “all-stars” but he couldn’t have cared less. Somehow it was more about the experience and the growth then it was about who got what. At any rate, I felt compelled to write you an email and thank you and your team for putting on a great camp. It was worth every penny!

Nicole Z., Club & Camp Parent

I wanted to thank your organization from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for Jared and our family. Jared looks forward all year long to his summer season with Trilogy and this year far surpassed our expectations. The level of training is unmatched and the level of care to each member of the team is so visible to me as a parent. Each training session spent with his both coaches this past season (and yourself) were so meaningful to him and he would rave each night after practice about how wonderful it was. He even enjoyed what others viewed as punishment (the running) as a challenge and a worthwhile experience. Both of his coaches were unbelievable. They not only coached Jared appropriately, but they showed him that they truly cared about his growth in the game. He respects the both of them immensely. Additionally, I as a parent had the pleasure of getting to know them both because THEY TOOK THE TIME! They spent time with us parents in between games and became very approachable and easy to discuss things with. I cannot say enough about the both of them and I do hope to see them next year!

As I have mentioned to you in the past, we view Trilogy as so much more than just lacrosse and this season has proven that to us. You have made Jared feel important, acknowledged and part of team in the truest sense. As a mother, seeing my son overcome with happiness because of Trilogy is really all I could ask for. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you! Please share with everyone and anyone who may ever wonder “why trilogy?”; this memo is just a few of the reasons why!

Jesse K., NJ Sixers Parent

I just wanted to say that my son really enjoys being part of the NJ Sixers squad. My goal is always to surround my son with the best mentors and you guys really exceeded my expectations.

Laura B., ICE & Aces Parent

Just have to share, as we are in reflection with high school graduation in just over a couple of weeks…As important all the high school experiences are, and have been, I still can’t get over how influential Trilogy has been for Andrew the last 3 summers. Starting out with the week at Aces and ending the last two summers with ICE…Thank you for all the quality time spent with my son as I know he is as special to you, as he is to us! For us, Trilogy was a major highlight in his high school experiences. Have a great day and teacher appreciation week…we choose Trilogy!! We will miss seeing you guys this summer.

Jim C., Tournament Participant

It was an awesome experience. We lost our first game but the won next two. For most of these kids it was their first win in 2 years so as you can imagine we were all pretty excited. Entered day 2 as the number 1 seed. We lost the first game but won the consolation game. Overall it was an epic weekend for Talon. Kids and parents were all happy campers. Some kids on team were ready to quit lax after 2 or 3 horrible seasons but that weekend really picked them up. Thanks go out to you and the Trilogy team for helping me make this a great weekend!!!! Great weather, great referees and perfect format. Congrats on throwing a great party and growing the game!!!!

Theresa B., ICE & Aces Parent

Our son has participated in various Trilogy events (ICE, Academic Aces, Middle School Aces) and we cannot say enough for the Trilogy staff and overall experience. Trilogy enabled him to play with talented young men from all over the U.S. while playing for the best lacrosse coaches in the sport. The Trilogy approach to breaking down the college recruiting process is the only one we’ve experienced that really focuses on helping the player find the right “College” that includes the right “lacrosse opportunity” instead of focusing committing to lacrosse program. A big thanks to the entire Trilogy team for an entire program that truly supports player development.

Luciano T., ICE & Aces Parent

Thank you for working with Anthony over the past 6+ yrs as part of the Trilogy program. It has been a great experience for him at all levels, both from a lacrosse and personal growth perspective. The Trilogy program has helped define the best path forward as a student/athlete.

Peter L., Seven Hills Program Director

From their camps to their tournaments, the Events Trilogy runs are always first class. If you are going to a camp always expect the latest in new drills or teaching methods. The tournaments they run are organized and offer a variety of competitive level for any team. Thanks Trilogy for growing the game but also making it easy for kids to love this sport!

Liz C., Tournament Attendee

The Trilogy Lacrosse tournament we attended in Rhode Island this summer was flawless. It was set at an incredible facility– gorgeous fields, a beautiful indoor turf field, and, ATTENTION MOMS: access to real indoor bathrooms! All of the games ran like clockwork, with good communication before and after the events, and excellent referees. There was even a wonderful concession stand selling homemade food that wasn’t just burgers! All in all, it was my favorite of the 100+ tournaments I’ve been to over the years with all of my boys. Thanks, Trilogy!

Kevin B., Club & ICE Parent

Trilogy Lacrosse is more than a Summer Lacrosse Organization. They truly took an active role in my two sons athletic and academic lives. I strongly recommend taking advantage of all that Trilogy Lacrosse has to offer. Between the Club teams, winter training, Aces Camp and ICE, Trilogy always made it clear that education is above their lacrosse experience. “Lacrosse can be a vehicle to get ahead but education is the only way to stay ahead”. If you’re looking for a great lacrosse experience AND the proper focus on life priorities, Trilogy Lacrosse is second to none.


Chuck H., Walton Junior Lacrosse President

The Clinics have been excellent – the kids really enjoy them and we’ve had a great experience.  The Trilogy staff does a fantastic job relating to the players regardless of their age level.  We use the Online Curriculum Portal to supplement our practice plans so coaches can watch the videos and know how to run specific drills.  As we evolve and define our culture we plan to lean on Trilogy to help us develop more coaches.

Frank A., Naples Girls Lacrosse Club Coach

The overall experience was excellent – the players had fun and learned a great deal across all skill levels.  The girls stay focused because they were divided into smaller groups and had to execute new drills.  The training was helpful as the players worked on proper stick skills and movement.  The Trilogy staff was amazing – positive, upbeat personality, professional, and great communicator – and inspired the girls to give their best effort.  The Trilogy Clinic is something I would like the Naples Lacrosse Club to do annually.

Chris H., 7 Flames Director of Lacrosse

The Weekend Clinics with Trilogy were an exceptional experience for all of our players.  The Trilogy staff were actively engaged with each of the players from start to finish – they brought an energy and enthusiasm that exceeded our expectations.  Both were well prepared, offered excellent insights regarding skill development strategies, and also seemed to really enjoy the training sessions.  It was extremely beneficial to expose our program to a highly decorated former player who competed at the highest level.  We look forward to more opportunities to work with Trilogy again in the future.

Rocco S., NJ Sixers & Aces Parent

If you love Lacrosse, then you have to give Trilogy Lacrosse a look. They are the leader in player training and development and high quality events and opportunities. From summer Lacrosse club teams and tournaments to winter club Box Lacrosse to off-season leagues and skills clinics, Trilogy does it all and does it all well. Our recent winter league experience was nothing short of excellent. What a great way for your high school lacrosse player to spend an hour or two on a winter Saturday evening than playing ultra fast-paced high level indoor 7 on 7! Can’t wait till next season!

John M., Future Aces Parent

Highly recommend the Future Aces camps. My son attended and thoroughly enjoyed the 2019 Future Aces New England. The quality of play, setting, size of the camp and coaches all contributed to an excellent experience for him. He and his two friends who attended with him have already discussed returning next summer. Thanks to the whole Trilogy team for putting on an educational, skill-building and fun program at Amherst College.

Veronica G., NJ Sixers & Aces Parent

My son played on Trilogy’s box lacrosse team and the experience was excellent. The highly-knowledgeable coaches were actively involved every minute, and pushed each player to do their best — both individually, and as a team player. My son’s field lacrosse skills improved significantly as a result of just one season playing with Trilogy. He also gained invaluable experience and bettered his skills while attending the Trilogy ICE camp. He recently committed to his #1 college choice, and I’m confident that his experience and skill-building with Trilogy was part of the reason why. I can’t say enough good things about Trilogy’s lacrosse programs!

Julie B., Academic Aces Parent

My son, a rising Freshman, really enjoyed the Academic Aces Camp and experience! He has attended many good lax camps over the years but thought this one was above and beyond the best due to the outstanding coaching and instruction, the smaller, limited size of the # of campers, the experience to find out how it all works for recruiting and academic and athletic expectations (somewhat new to all of us as he’s just a rising freshman) and playing organized team games in a tournament format. He (as did we) also really enjoyed and appreciated the level of organization of the camp, including the useful manual.

All in all, it was completely top notch!

Tracye O., Girls Future Aces & ICE Parent

Trilogy Girls Future Aces is an amazing program! The level of experience with coaching staff (Trilogy East had Janine Tucker from Johns Hopkins), program curriculum, and schedule was outstanding. This was my daughters first year with Trilogy East Girls and my sons second year with Trilogy East Boys, both had so much fun! They signed in with smiles and left with great camp stories and new friends. This program is not for the faint at heart….your child will be learning in the classroom, on the field, and during games for no less than 9 hours per day. This camp is committed to helping your child take their skills to the next level and ensures they practice what they learn during the “field skills sessions” (ie lax games). Individual lessons, club practice, mini wall ball sessions are great…but this camp puts it all together to improve your player! Each year after camp our club coaches have asked what our children did over the summer to get better. Our response “Trilogy” – it’s worth the time and cost to invest in your child’s future. Thanks Trilogy Boys/Girls East for an amazing program…we look forward to the future!

Betsy L., ICE Parent

Trilogy ICE is a great lacrosse program and well worth the investment. Our son has loved participating in the ICE program these past two summers. He has met a lot of great kids from all over the country and made some new friends each year. We can’t thank the coaches enough for being such great role models and mentors to our son. As parents, we see the tangible benefits that our son has received from working with the outstanding Trilogy coaches in a comprehensive and well-structured program. The program has just the right balance with its online spring preparation, intense training work at camp with world class coaches, a fun, competitive tournament, and more fun and learning about the next level by visiting a variety of colleges and universities. Without a doubt, the ICE training program provides a great learning component that helps develop each player’s game. Our son has taken his game to a new level each summer following his time with the Trilogy ICE program. The facilities and support staff are top notch, and the completion and exposure are fantastic and growing each year. We highly recommend any Trilogy program. You won’t find a better program anywhere.

Kyrie S., Camp Parent

Summer 2017 was our first experience with Trilogy lacrosse camp, but it is NOT going to be our last for sure!!! Our son was taken care of all week, taught each day new techniques for his game and had more than enough game play to practice and improve. plus he won some cool Trilogy swag. He loved it and is going again this summer!

Jean G., Tournament Attendee

Very well run tournaments from beginning to end. Great access to trainers and competent refs. Well thought out and fluid seeding process was implemented so the lopsided victories were kept to a minimum. Liked the central horn that helped keep all games on time. Would highly recommend any Trilogy run event.

Karl S., Camp Parent

As a lacrosse father and coach, I had a chance to hear my son Max and his lacrosse friends from Cranford, tell me about their experience at Trilogy’s Millbrook camp. The boys bonded quickly with Coach Mitch Belisle and the staff. The camp gave some of the newer players a boost in confidence towards their lacrosse games, the experienced players got the professional “tips and tricks” they craved to up tiger level of play. The part I liked best was that the boys day was packed with fun lacrosse, resulting in tiredness at the end of the day. Great job to the Millbrook staff!

Christopher S., Tournament Attendee

My son played in the Trilogy Rider Tournament this summer; our 2nd year doing so with his travel lacrosse team (We’re from Long Island, NY). Both years we were always very impressed with the way the tournaments were run. We did not travel long distances from game to game, there was an abundance of helpful staffers, and there were many on-field EMTs available. Even the bus crew (kids that help organize the buses) were amicable and funny at the end of their shift; cracking jokes with the kids and the parents. All in all a very pleasant experience and I would definitely like our teams to go back next year.

Michael J., Academic Aces Attendee

Thank you for an awesome few days at Academic Aces. I was on team Spades and we won the championship this morning. I learned a lot about the recruiting/academic aspect and played a ton of lacrosse. I am really psyched that I attended this event, it was very well run. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to see you on a field again in the near future.

Katie B., Girls Spring Break Training Attendee

Our Spring Break trip to Nevada was spectacular! Every detail was covered by Trilogy Lacrosse. As an Athletic Director, I felt as though all of the safety aspects and travel logistics, as well as the meal planning and overall schedule were the complete package in terms of Trilogy’s professionalism. The support staff at Rising Star Sports Ranch were instrumental to our having a successful trip. As a coach, I really enjoyed the flexibility and training options that we had available to us. The facilities really wowed our athletes! We were able to play lacrosse under the lights at night under a beautiful Nevada sky as well as train during the day at the most picturesque locations in 70 degree sunny cool weather. In my 18 years of coaching, our team has taken trips to International destinations and some East Coast locations, where the temperatures were inhibiting and athletes became overheated quickly, this was the exact opposite at this perfect spring break location! This was absolutely the most successful trip we’ve had- I loved that we were one of six girls teams, it gave a sense of girls power to the whole week. Our athletes were empowered and our team bonded quickly. The variety of activities that were built into our schedule was unique because of the Rising Star facility. Our trip to Zion National Park was unforgettable and will leave a lasting impression on our program for years to come. All in all we had a blast and it helped us kick off our season in a positive way!

Nate A., ICE Attendee

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful experience these past ten days. I learned a tremendous amount about the recruiting process and felt like I learned some more tactical steps that will help me in the next year. I really liked being on the different college campuses and getting a feel for the college experience. The reason why I came back to Intensive Club Experience (ICE) this past year and the reason why I love ICE so much is because of the context that Trilogy provides of the bigger picture of playing lacrosse in college. This is my 5th year of attending Trilogy events and have participated in HS and Middle School Aces, 5 different tournaments in Atlanta and Rider University, workshops led by Ryan and as a two-time ICE attendee. Each one of these events has this level of excitement for the game of lacrosse that I love and enjoy so much. The business model Trilogy is built around speaks volumes to me. The coaching I have received is second to none and has improved my game tremendously. ICE has this same level of excitement and experience times ten and has helped me so much in my own personal recruiting process. I keyed in on different facets on the recruiting process this year vs last year. None of the other events I have attended have given this amount of detailed recruiting process instruction and helpful steps to take for recruiting.

ICE mimics this same level of commitment, focus, effort, and drive so well that after coming back a second time, I can say more confidently I know what I want for my college experience. My long term plan is to attend a highly academic small liberal arts college and play lacrosse. ICE has not only taught me what each one of those words really means but also the level of lacrosse I want to be playing at and commitment needed.

[UPDATE: Nate is currently attending Vassar College where he plans to play lacrosse]

Chris P., NCAA Division III & Academic Aces Coach

First and foremost, thank you very much for the opportunity to work for Trilogy last week with the Academic Aces. It was great to spend time with you all and get to wear the “coaching whistle” in the midst of a recruiting summer. I greatly appreciate your model and dedication to the growth of the campers development as well as education to the recruitment process. I would be grateful to work events in the future.

Trish S., Girls Future Aces Parent

My daughter Cassie just returned from the Future Aces program. She loved it!! Thank you to all the directors and coaches too! She especially loved working with the goalie coach Grace. She learned so much from all the coaches this week. Thank you so much!!

Alan V., NJ Sixers Parent

My son has played for Trilogy and the Sixers for several years. The coaches are not only knowledgeable and passionate about lacrosse they really care about the kids. They spend the time to get to know and understand them and push them in ways that help them succeed. Often their approach is customized by individual. We just completed a winter box season which was a huge success.

Jordan Wolf – Chome LC & 2019 PLL All-Star,
“Lax Breakfast club extended my professional playing career. I got involved in the program leading up to the 2018 World Games. The fitness was lacrosse-specific and was the perfect combination of agility, movement, and conditioning. It prepared me to play at the highest level and I continue to work the drills into my weekly routine”
Michael Ehrhardt – Whipsnakes LC & 2018 World Games MVP,

“Before I joined Mitch’s Lax Breakfast Club I was just another professional player. The LBC helped elevate my game to the highest level which helped fulfill my dreams of making the USA Team and becoming one of the top players in the world. Outside of getting into peak shape, Mitch’s workout program built mental toughness, accountability, competition and most importantly they were fun. Mitch will challenge you to get the most out of yourself and prepare you to be a better person and athlete.”

Sean D., Future Aces New England Parent

Future Aces New England at St. Marks was a wonderful experience for my son. When I picked him up at the end of the week he told me “this was my favorite camp I’ve ever been to, can I go again next year!”. This was his first overnight camp experience so he was understandably nervous. The staff and coaches put him at ease immediately and he had a wonder time. The coaches on the field were great. They had a great energy and were very knowledgeable. I couldn’t recommend this camp more. My son will definitely be attending next summer. Thanks again for a great experience.

Tom M., Future Aces Tri-State Parent

My son attended Trilogy’s Future Aces Tri-State camp at Drew University this summer. Mitch Belisle is the real deal. An accomplished college and pro player, he runs an extremely organized and upbeat camp. His coaching staff always brought high energy and have the credentials to boot. My son’s team coach is a member of the Lawrenceville coaching staff (top HS team in the country). If you want your son to attend a camp to sharpen his skills, make new friends, obtain excellent feedback, and get noticed by high level lacrosse minds, please consider Future Aces. Both Mitch and Ryan Boyle will not disappoint you.

Andrew Van L., Western Winners Parent

Trilogy has been a fantastic part of our daughter’s lacrosse journey. Being from New Mexico, we had no idea where to begin two years ago and randomly picked the Trilogy showcase as our first event for more competitive lacrosse. Our daughter learned she had a lot of work to do. For the last two years, she practiced and played for a traveling team in another state and attended multiple tournaments and college camps across the country. We decided to return to Trilogy for the showcase this year so she could work with a few coaches that she had developed relationships with over her journey. She had a great showcase and worked with the exact two coaches she wanted. The showcase allowed both the coaches and her to spend some time working together to see if there was a real fit. After the tournament both coaches made her offers to come play for them. We really feel the Trilogy format is the best way for players and coaches to get to know each other. Thanks!

Kerry T., NJ Sixers Parent

NJ Sixers Box Lacrosse is a top notch Lacrosse experience. The Coaching, practice plans, amount of reps (no standing around!!), good lineup of tournaments, and overall fun atmosphere was excellent. The developed skills translate very well to the outdoor game where my son has shown more field IQ and confident play. Can’t say enough about the Trilogy organization

Monica T., NJ Sixers Parent

We have never received feedback like this. This is our first season with Sixers and I want to share with you how much we appreciate this program. I have 2 sons and my wife and I have been searching for THIS experience for 6 or 7 teams. We were fortunate to find a great travel field team this past season and now with the Sixers. We consider ourselves very lucky.
I have to say that my son had his confidence shattered with the last box team he played for. The staff here has restored his confidence and he is getting back to playing with joy and determination. I know that by the end of this season he will have been coached by the best!

Thank you for running a great program. I can honestly say that Sixers are in a class by themselves.

CJ H., Future Aces New England Parent

The Future Aces New England camp my son attended was one of the best camps we’ve experienced throughout the years. Coach Striebel is clearly a true professional and wrote the most detailed evaluation I’ve ever seen. Not knowing squat about lacrosse I did a little search of him and found out he’s one of the all time lacrosse greats. You’d never know it. Humble and kind with a ton of personality and zero ego. Great work Trilogy. You should be proud

Janice P., Future Aces Tri-State Parent

My son was intimated at the first day of Future Aces Tri-State but ended up really liking the camp. He loved the guest speakers and his coaches. I liked the evaluation each camper received at the end because it explains the drills and practices during camp and the camps expectations. The coaches also recommend exercises to practice at home. Overall the best lacrosse camp in the area.

Addison L., Future Aces East Parent

Future Aces East is a great camp. In the days where travel tournaments and teams seem to be ruling the development of kids, the Future Aces camp gets back to the roots of the game and it is shared by well qualified men who love the game. They teach fundamentals and there is no sideline politics to garner more playing time for the 5th best pole or attack man. I loved lacrosse camp growing up and I am happy to see my kids the opportunity to experience something similar. The review after camp is another throw back that has tons of merit to track growth and create goals for the kids. All my kids who play lacrosse will attend Trilogy camps.

Paul E., Academic Aces Parent

Academic Aces was a great experience! The ENTIRE STAFF was incredibly helpful and put out a quality product! The crew did a wonderful job reshuffling the schedule due to pesky weather, as to not devalue the experience; and their communication was on point! Will definitely look at Trilogy Camps for my youngest!

Alea L., ICE Parent

By far Trilogy Camp(s) have been worth every penny and more! Mitch Belisle has done more for our lacrosse player than any other coach in the past 8 years! Thank you Mitch & Trilogy!

Joey L., Future Aces East Parent

I’d just like to say what a great ambassador of lacrosse you have in Ryan Boyle. When my twins were younger we attended Future Aces East, and it was one of the best camps ever. As they entered high school, they were asked to play at Christchurch School in Virginia. As one of them went to through the recruiting process, I sent his video to Ryan on a whim for advice. To my surprise he immediately responded with some great advice. We used his advice about choosing the correct school, and instead of trying to chase the Division 1 dream, he chose Trinity College. His brother recently received an Army ROTC scholarship to Virginia Tech. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that one would attend a NESCAC school and the other get an Army ROTC scholarship. I have lacrosse to thank for all of it. Lacrosse created an opportunity for us to attend a high school they would have never attended, and that led to their future success. I wanted to thank Ryan for his help, and his continued efforts to help grow lacrosse.

Thank you Trilogy!

Michael T., Tournament Attendee

Trilogy puts on a good tournament. We played Saturday and Sunday at the Veterans Day Classic and Autumn Drop. The host site was Iron Peak sporting and events center. Going to have to say that in the nearly 50 tournaments we have attended over the years, this combination of Trilogy and Iron Peak was as good as we have been to!

Jason B., Future Aces Tri-State Parent

It’s been a week since Future Aces Tri-State ended and the boys have repeatedly told me how much they learned and grew from the experience. As I told Mitch on the last day of camp, his staff was terrific and the rhythm/structure of the camp’s lacrosse curriculum was on point. The boys felt that each day built on the previous one and concepts were implemented with great effectiveness.

Kevin S., Future Aces New England Parent

Trilogy met and exceeded all expectations during my son’s recent experience with their Future Aces New England Camp. Beyond lacrosse, their messaging of the importance of academics and goals was taken to heart by my 13 year old son. Well done Trilogy!

Heidi C., Future Aces Parent

Our son has attended the Trilogy Future Aces camp the past 2 summers. He has had an incredible experience both summers. The camp is dedicated to providing high level training and competition for the campers. The training staff is top notch and facilities have been outstanding. Thanks for the great work!