Trilogy & Givego Bring Summer Camps Home

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Trilogy & Givego Bring Summer Camps Home

Salt Lake City, Utah – June 22, 2020 – Givego, an on-demand virtual coaching service, and Trilogy Lacrosse the national leader in lacrosse education & events, today announced that the companies have partnered to bring personalized virtual coaching to Trilogy’s student-athletes. “COVID has changed the way student athletes train.” says, Willie Ford, Founder & CEO […]

Strength & Style Part 3: Linear Dodging Drills

In Strength and Style Part 3 Girls Programs Manager Amanda Trendell takes you through her “Linear Dodge” Drill which helps players gain comfortability with two different types of dodges: The Shake and Bake + The Toe Drag. Below you will find a brief description of the dodges you will see in this video, how to […]

Indoor Winter Workout

The off-season can be a difficult time to train, especially for athletes who live in colder climates. Training in the off-season will help prevent injury and prepare players to run through drills at full speed when they get back on the field. In the video below, Trilogy Girls Programs Manager, Amanda Trendell walks us through […]

Trilogy Blueprint: Season 1

The Blueprint is an online series documenting the ups and downs that Trilogy staff and players experience over the course of a busy summer. Part 7: Surf + Lax Surfing. Lacrosse. Two beautiful sports combine to form one unique overnight camp. Part 7 of the Blueprint features Trilogy campers as they learn from professionals of […]

Inside Trilogy’s Intensive Club Experience

Trilogy ICE Program | US Lacrosse Stick Stories Our Intensive Club Experience (ICE) allows players from all over the country to supplement their existing Club Team and Showcase schedule with a transformative experience led by the games best role models. We may be biased, but we feel that there is no better way to spend […]

Madeira’s Midfield Re-Dodging Drill

The video below, published by Lacrosse Magazine in March 2016, provides players and coaches with step-by-step instructions on how to setup and execute the midfield re-dodging drill.

Two-Man Game With Ryan Boyle

Originally appearing in Lacrosse Magazine in December 2015. In the video below, Trilogy National Directors Ryan Boyle & Brian Farrell show viewers how to set-up and execute the two-man game in your practices. Want to work with Ryan Boyle In Person? Join Ryan & Trilogy Lacrosse in Arizona for Spring Training.

What Makes A Great Lacrosse Tournament?

With 10 years of experience running events and the club teams that attend them, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Trilogy Lacrosse’s President Jimmy Vlahakis discusses the keys to running a GREAT tournament. 1. Site Selection & Preparation Trilogy carefully selects sites that provide a great family experience both on and […]

5 Keys To Effective Shooting Drills

To be effective on offense in lacrosse, it is crucial that players are able to shoot the ball into the net. Sounds simple, right? Far too often, we see coaches falling into the same traps when teaching their players how to shoot. The list below provides 5 easy ways to improve your shooting drills and […]

Leadership in Lacrossee

“The role of leaders is not to get other people to follow them but to empower others to lead.” ― Bill George, True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership Leadership. It’s a bold word. We hear it countless times throughout our day-to-day lives, but how often do we actually stop and think about the meaning behind […]

Monday Motivation: Quotes & Inspiration

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that we partake in #MondayMotivation each week. Pardon our plug, but if you’re not following us on Twitter, what are you waiting for? @trilogylacrosse Why do we participate in #MondayMotivation? Because sometimes even the most accomplished and determined players need a burst of motivation on Monday […]

3 Bad Habits Of Defensemen & How To Avoid Them

While everyone has their own philosophies on slide packages, zone vs. man defense and whether a strong hand hold or a v-hold are best, there are certain truths on the defensive side of the lacrosse field that ring true. Below are several mistakes we see players make at every level, and how those players and […]

3 Bad Habits Of Midfielders & How To Avoid Them

1. Relying on One Hand Midfielders, as dodgers and creators, have to be more versatile and flexible in their games. They have to be able to attack from multiple angles and multiple positions. It’s too easy to force a dodging midfielder away from his strength and limit him. Learning how to use your weak hand […]

3 Bad Habits Of Attackmen & How To Avoid Them

1. Forgetting to Ride Whether it is after a caused turnover, a dropped pass you should have had, or the goalie making a great save, it can be easy to assume your job is done as an attackman. However, riding is a crucial aspect of every attackman’s key responsibilities and should be executed with the […]

5 Ways To Stand Out At A Summer Lacrosse Showcase

The summer has become one of the most important recruiting periods for players who hope to play college lacrosse. Whether you are attending a school-specific prospect day, a 500-player showcase or Trilogy’s own Academic Aces, it is crucial that you present yourself well and play your best. Utilizing the 5 tips below may not guarantee […]

3 Reasons Overnight Camps Are More Important Than Ever

As tournaments and showcases continue to fill the summer months, many parents have a hard time finding what used to be the unrivaled champion of June and July: the overnight camp. At Trilogy, we have remained steadfast in our belief that every kid deserves to experience all that overnight camps offer. This conviction, in conjunction […]

Fall Check-In With Trilogy Alumni

With college fall ball underway, we wanted to check-in with our Trilogy alumni to see how they were adjusting to academics, college life, and lacrosse. We interviewed players at 5 different colleges across the country. 1. How is Fall Ball going? Nick Mohler (NM): BU fall ball has been awesome we lift in the morning […]

3 Reasons Box Lacrosse Is Beneficial For Lacrosse Players

As we bask in the afterglow of the NLL Draft and look forward to the impending NLL season, youth lacrosse players across the country wonder whether or not they should tryout for their local box program this fall. The question, “why box?” gets asked by parents more frequently each year. More often than not, this […]

A New Perspective

After winning the 2017 NLL Championship with the Swarm, I decided that it was time to hang up my bicep & rib pads and ride off into the indoor sunset. Then I received a call from Swarm owner John Arlotta in November. “We’d love to keep you involved with the team, would you be interested […]

What People Are Saying About…

Intensive Club Experience (ICE) Future Aces Tournaments Atlanta “Very well run, on time, clean facilities. Good communication before and throughout tournament days. And… kept the schedule despite the weather report!” – Program Director “Well run, organized, ample staff, great facilities!” – Participant “Flow was amazing….kept the games moving.” – Participant “Another good experience with Trilogy. […]

How Will The New NCAA Recruiting Legislation Affect You?

On April 14, the NCAA adopted rule changes to the Division 1 recruiting process set forth in a combined effort by the IWLCA and IMLCA. The most drastic and straightforward measure limits contact with prospective student-athletes until prior to September 1 of their Junior year. These rules will be effective “immediately,” which in reality means […]

3-Part Girls Lacrosse Workout

The following workout is a 3-part series that hones in on speed training, strength training, and stickwork. Part I: Speed Training — 300’s: 100 yard + 50 yard Increments Conditioning designed to mimic game-like distances and movements Pattern: 100 yards Up and Back then 50 yards Up and Back Reps: 3 rounds Time: ~60-65 seconds […]

Girls Treadmill Workouts

The following are 3 different treadmill workouts designed for players of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. These treadmill workouts are great for girls to execute during the lacrosse offseason in order to build stamina and endurance. Each workout, if completed in full, only takes 30 minutes! Beginner Intermediate Advanced

What Are We Thankful For This Year?

Glad You Asked! Mitch Belisle, VP of Marketing: I am thankful for the amazing support of our friends and family, especially as we look towards our January due date for our addition to the Belisle family. I am also thankful that the addition is going to be a boy! Chris Benza, Sales Manager: I am […]

David Madeira Breaks Down The Approach & React Drill

Featured in Lacrosse Magazine in April, 2016 I love doing this for any session that has an individual skills focus. It is especially perfect for off-season or pre-season practices where time and field space might be a limited resource for coaches. If you have limited field space, whether you are practicing in a field house, […]

Strength & Style Part 2: Wall Ball Exercises

In the second segment of Strength & Style, I demonstrate two of my favorite wall ball exercises. Wall ball exercises and routines will help you increase repetition, stamina, and confidence in order to improve your stick work. These 2 exercises are specifically designed to target grip changes and hand switches. Why wall ball? Using the […]

Strength & Style Part 1: Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Want better control of your stick so that you can move on to more difficult skills? A key element to achieving maximum control is the strength in your wrists. Having strong wrists in both your LEFT and RIGHT hands will allow you to support the weight of the stick and ball, have quicker reactions and […]

Why the Emphasis on Character Development?

Most of us have come across the saying “this game is 90% mental and 10% physical” at some point in our coaching or playing careers. As a former Division I coach and player I could not agree more and have most certainly used the phrase myself. I have seen and personally experienced the ugly side […]

5 Ways to Deal with Bullying on Your Team

SteelLocker Sports Bullying can be a significant issue on youth sports teams, as it impacts your team’s morale and causes players to have a negative experience. It’s also a fairly widespread issue, with 48 percent of high school athletes reporting that they were targets of hazing, which is a type of bullying. Fortunately, you, other […]

One Book All Lacrosse Coaches Should Read

This national bestseller, and arguably modern classic, by the revered Professor of Psychology and Management, illuminates an essential goal for us as coaches: to foster the maximum concentration and enjoyment of our individual participantsand the collective team. Flow is a self-directed state of mind in which one in completely absorbed in the activity at hand. […]

4 Keys to Creating a Stellar Highlight Video

Sending a highlight video can be one of the best ways to market yourself to a college coach. If your highlight video is compelling enough, it’ll make him want to see you play in person. When creating your tape, it’s important to keep this in the back of your mind: There are hundreds of other […]

Practice Planning: Making Lacrosse Fun

At Trilogy Lacrosse, we often joke about the different coaching styles of our National Directors. For a long time, we drew comparisons to the three bears from the Goldilocks nursery rhyme as Mitch Belisle, Ryan Boyle, and Matt Striebel were Trilogy’s primary, but very unique, personalities on the field. We have been lucky enough to […]

Everything You Didn’t Know About Being Pro

Part I: Travel & The Boys When people find out I play professional lacrosse for the Georgia Swarm and the Boston Cannons, they are usually surprised to learn that I live in Brooklyn, NY. “But when do you practice?” is the common first question of many. On Friday Nights. “Why do you live in Brooklyn?” […]

What Makes A Great Youth Lacrosse Clinic?

This Is A Trilogy Lacrosse Public Service Announcement Our partners over at Lacrosse Allstars visited us on Sunday, February 21st at the Sports Domain Academy in Montclair, NJ. In between sessions of our Technical Training Series Clinic, National Director Mitch Belisle weighed in on the keys to choosing (and hosting) a great youth lacrosse clinic. […]