Strength & Style Part 3: Linear Dodging Drills

Strength & Style Part 3: Linear Dodging Drills

In Strength and Style Part 3 Girls Programs Manager Amanda Trendell takes you through her β€œLinear Dodge” Drill which helps players gain comfortability with two different types of dodges: The Shake and Bake + The Toe Drag. Below you will find a brief description of the dodges you will see in this video, how to set up the drill, and the three phase process to enhance these fundamental skills!

Set Up
What you need:

  • 4 Cones
  • 2-3 Balls

1. Set 2 cones up in a straight line 20 yards apart. These will serve as your starting point and ending point.
2. Place 2 cones in the middle of the starting and ending point. These 2 cones will be 2 yards apart on a diagonal.

1. The 2 first cones are set up in a straight line. When executing a dodge a player wants to move in a North to South direction. An East to West movement will take you towards the sideline instead of your intended target which is the goal.
2. The 2 diagonal cones in the middle simulate a defenders top and bottom foot allowing player to visualize attacking a foot to get their defender off balance. Once you get around these two cones the player should get back on the straight line towards the 4th cone in order to seal off the defender.

See diagram:

The Dodges
Shake and Bake: This is similar to a split dodge with one more hand switch added into the mix. In order to execute and sell this dodge you want to have quick hand switches and be able to shift your weight from one leg to the other.

Toe-Drag: This is very similar to a face dodge but at a lower angle and with your stick below or at your waist. This dodge will be executed by keeping your stick in the hand you started with. You are going to bring your stick over to your offside hip while keeping it at waist-level or lower. Your shoulder and body protect the stick and help you get around your defender’s outstretched stick.

The Process
This allows a player visualize their footwork which will help sell and execute their dodge. Players can start slow and work up their speed. Having strong agility helps players be able to get around defenders.

Phase 2: STICK + NO BALL
This allows a player to match their stick movement with their body movements without the pressure of having the ball in their stick.

Phase 3: STICK + BALL
The final step is now adding a ball. Now that the player is comfortable with their footwork, hands, and shifting their body weight they will be more comfortable executing the dodge at full speed.


  • Follow the process! Do not feel silly not having a ball in your stick, it will help strengthen the mechanics of the dodge once a ball is added in
  • Practice + Reptition! This is a drill that you can do ANYWHERE! In your backyard, at the turf, before a game. Get your reps in. Dodges take time. Build your confidence in this area by practicing
  • Always seal off! There is nothing worse than executing a great dodge and forgetting to seal of your defender giving them the ability to recover.
  • Most importantly have fun!