Nicole Z.

I wanted to thank your organization from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for Jared and our family. Jared looks forward all year long to his summer season with Trilogy and this year far surpassed our expectations. The level of training is unmatched and the level of care to each member of the team is so visible to me as a parent. Each training session spent with his both coaches this past season (and yourself) were so meaningful to him and he would rave each night after practice about how wonderful it was. He even enjoyed what others viewed as punishment (the running) as a challenge and a worthwhile experience. Both of his coaches were unbelievable. They not only coached Jared appropriately, but they showed him that they truly cared about his growth in the game. He respects the both of them immensely. Additionally, I as a parent had the pleasure of getting to know them both because THEY TOOK THE TIME! They spent time with us parents in between games and became very approachable and easy to discuss things with. I cannot say enough about the both of them and I do hope to see them next year!

As I have mentioned to you in the past, we view Trilogy as so much more than just lacrosse and this season has proven that to us. You have made Jared feel important, acknowledged and part of team in the truest sense. As a mother, seeing my son overcome with happiness because of Trilogy is really all I could ask for. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you! Please share with everyone and anyone who may ever wonder “why trilogy?”; this memo is just a few of the reasons why!