Sean S.

Our son Matthew just attended the Future Aces East event at Towson University for the second year in a row and he loved it. I spent 7 hours in the car with he and his buddies on the long ride home and they didn’t stop talking about the quality of their experience. While they certainly appreciated the competitive level of things — they all love to compete — they talked about the spirit of the camp and the quality of the coaching. These summer camps are always tough to choose, as we all have limited time and resource (and I often think Matt would be better off playing in the front yard or fishing!) but my wife and I have been so pleased with how much Matt seems to love Aces East. He’s made good friends, met excellent coaches and respects the game more because of his time there. Matt was the only kid in the car not to make “all-stars” but he couldn’t have cared less. Somehow it was more about the experience and the growth then it was about who got what. At any rate, I felt compelled to write you an email and thank you and your team for putting on a great camp. It was worth every penny!